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B. J. Way's Genealogy Project shows John R. Mayer's relationship to the Strange family.

John R. Mayer had been an active participant and correspondent in the RootsWeb Strong Mail List.  After John's death, David B. Strong, William L."Bill" Strong,  Robert T."Bob" Strong, and others from the Rootsweb Strong-List proposed a memorial web page, revolving around John's work.  The John R. Mayer Memorial Web Page was created and posted by David B. Strong.  The site contains an obituary, comments about the significance of his writings to members of the Rootsweb Strong-List, an index of his writings as a member of the Strong-List (organized by Robert T. "Bob" Strong), and a list (with e-mail addresses) of persons who hold copies of his works.  The letters and articles he wrote to the Strong Mail List are accessible through the John R. Mayer Memorial Web Page.

"John R. Mayer joined the Rootsweb Strong-List June 1, 1997. His introductory messages burst like a star shell over the internet, and they are inserted here, to give some feel for the scope and quality of his scholarship. They also speak to John's broad vision of the relationship between the surnames leStrange, Strange, Strang, Strong, and Stronge."  [David B. Strong]

"What's in a Name?"  is an article written by David B. Strong.  It includes a discussion of the relationship between the surnames Strange and Strong, referencing some comments and thoughts of John R. Mayer.

David B. Strong has also initiated a DNA study of the names LeStrange/Strange/Strang/Stronge/Strong:.  This DNA testing involves the male Y-chromosome, which is passes from father to son relatively unchanged through many generations.  This is very exciting for genealogists and creates many avenues for exploration.  Following is a brief outline of the goals of the study.  Visit the Web site for current study results and further information about how to participate.

"The beauty of DNA testing for genealogy derives from its use to test a hypothesis that two or more (specific) individuals share a common ancestor. This hypothesis may be based on circumstantial evidence from traditional genealogical sources, family tradition, or a common surname. Even within a surname (particularly a common surname), it is desirable to have some paper trail that leads to a potential person or place as a common origin.

Why does the present study  include the spectrum of  names  variantly spelled  “Lestrange/Strange/Strang/Stronge/Strong”?  Simply, it has been hypothesized that there has been an evolution of spellings over the centuries, and that many present day families bearing these surnames are indeed related at some remote point in time through  presently unknown ancestors.   Further, the late John R. Mayer articulated an hypothesis that there were two distinct groupings of families with the spelling “Strange or Strang”…. Basically along the lines that families claiming an English origin were likely descended from the Breton or Norman family “LeStrange”.   Those families claiming a Scottish origin were likely sprung from a separate group, perhaps having a Norse background in individuals fore-named “Strangi”.  For a further examination of the hypothesis as John R. Mayer spelled it out, see: John R. Mayer Memorial Webpage- The significance of his work."

Higginson Book Company sells archival quality reprints of genealogy books in paperback or hardcover. They carry the following Strange related books (search under Strange):

Le Strange Records, a chronicle of the early LeStranges of Norfolk [England] & the March of Wales, 1100-1310, by Hamon le Strange, London, 1916, 407 pages.

Strange:  Biographical and Historical Sketches of the Stranges of America and Across the Seas, by Alexander Taylor Strange, 1911, viii + 137 pages.

Gresham:  Biographical and Historical Sketches of the Greshams of America and Across the Seas, by Alexander Taylor Strange, 1913, 53 pages.

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U.S. GenWeb Project Consisting of a group of volunteers working together to provide Internet Web sites for genealogical research in every county and every state of the United States, the project is non-commercial and fully committed to free access for everyone.

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