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Descendants of Gottlieb Wruck
Including Related Families of
Wiese, Pobanz, Flanagan and Donnelly

by Barbara Jean Way

gottlieb.jpg (9863 bytes)Elizabeth Wruck née Wiese and
 Gottlieb Wruck (1828-1896)

Genealogies covering the families of:

            Gottlieb WRUCK (1828-1896), West Prussia > Saginaw, MI > Chicago, IL.

            Michael WIESE (born c 1803), Germany > Saginaw, MI

            Jacob POBANZ (born c 1786), West Prussia > Saginaw, MI

            Dennis FLANAGAN (born c 1826), Ireland > Ontario, Canada > Saginaw, MI

            Patrick DONNELLY (born c 1823), Ireland > Ontario, Canada > Saginaw, MI

Paperback, published 1999, ISBN 0-9638665-8-3, 8-1/2" x 11", ix, 143 pages, with descendancy charts, illustrated, and indexed.
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