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Volume II
L'Estrange of Moystown

Second edition published 2002
Author: John R. Mayer
Edited by: Barbara Jean Way née Mayer
       and Floy Marie Mayer née Strange

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This book is published as part of Extraneus, Volume II, Le Strange of Anglia and Eire.   It comprises 116 pages including illustrations.

"In the time of Henry VIII, Ireland saw the English Ascendency take root within her borders, and the Hunstanton household le Strange provided a scion for the purpose of nation-building. The transplanted family le Strange followed the Stuart fashion, and adopted the spelling L’Estrange sometime after 1640.

The family le Strange in Ireland initially presided over a military outpost called Castle L’Estrange in Roscommon, but later established a pair of splendid mansions along the River Brosna at Moystown, Westmeath. The Irish branch L’Estrange produced some fine military officers, and some distinguished squires and clergymen. Domination was achieved as elsewhere it had been, by breeding and cultivation.

. . .Our family once lived in the same neighborhood as some descendants of the distant L’Estrange of Moystown, in the Tri-City area of Saginaw, Bay City, and Midland, MI, and they came to our attention through the paintings of Sali L’Estrange Frantz.  Sali’s son, Peter Benson Frantz, has been a diligent preserver of this family’s heritage, and has shared with the author such an abundance of personal knowledge about the Moystown family, that the contents of this book have been radically altered and expanded over the past couple of years, 1994-1995."

              John R. Mayer, San Francisco, 1 July 1996

For further information, refer to the Table of Contents, Volume II, Le Strange of Anglia and Eire.

To order, refer to Extraneus, Volume II, Le Strange of Anglia and Eire.

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