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Mahon, George C. (1816-1894)

1894a Family History of L’Estrange of Kilcummin, King’s County, Ireland, by George C. Mahon, with a few notes added by A.S.A. [Alice Stanley Acheson]. A typescript with photographs, 24 pages, identified as "Peter Frantz’s Copy 5/85." [Peter Frantz 1995/4/5]

1894b An older typescript of the above 1894a. George C. Mahon authored a lengthy genealogical paper that his daughter Jane Stanley née Mahon copied for her cousin William H. L’Estrange of Duluth, MN. William’s copy consisted of 49 numbered sheets and one loose, unnumbered sheet, with notes and references written on the verso of many of the sheets. William claimed to have prepared a typed copy of the same.

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102 Epigrams.

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Mortimer, Percy. [JDS3: vii]

Muniment Room at Hunstanton Hall, NORF. Documents once reposited in the Muniment Room are now called the Le Strange Collection, having been moved in the early 1950’s to the Norfolk and Norwich Record Office. The contents of the room are catalogued elsewhere, under Hunstanton Household Accounts (HHA), and Hunstanton Muniment Room (HMR), qq.v. [Central Library, Norwich, NOR 57E, England. HL: 3, 151-152, 169, 176, 251, 268.]

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