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Introduction to the
Table of Contents
of the Extraneus Books


Note: Chapters are arranged in the book chronologically by the oldest data in the chapter.  Each chapter indicates the beginning date and usually the ending date of data covered in that chapter.  The spouse surnames and localities referenced in each chapter are included.  To do a quick search for a surname or location, use the "Find" function of Windows (Control + F).  The only surnames listed are those who married "into" or "out of" the Strange/Le Strange family;  therefore, search for a surname other than Strange, etc.

The following definitions may be helpful:

the acceptance of a bride from another family.

a lineage that seems to have exchanged brides with another family.

the donation of a bride to another family.

sister exchange of two types, namely the restricted exchange of bilateral cross cousin marriage, and the generalized exchange of unilateral cross cousin marriage.
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