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Volume II
Book VI
Le Strange of Hunstanton

Second edition published 2002
Author: John R. Mayer
Edited by: Barbara Jean Way née Mayer
       and Floy Marie Mayer née Strange

archway1623.jpg (38213 bytes)Archway built in 1623 at Hunstanton Hall, County of Norfolk, England

This book is published as part of Extraneus, Volume II, Le Strange of Anglia and Eire.   It comprises 172 pages including illustrations.

"Neither waxing in fame, nor waning in prosperity, are perpetual and everlasting in any family.  In this volume we shall examine the lives of knights who lived at Hunstanton, Norfolk, England, the baronets that followed them, and the several lineages that arose from the families of Hunstanton Hall.  This junior le Strange family held social and political stations subservient to those of the Barons of Knockyn, so the demise and eventual extinction of its patriarchy was a far more gradual and progressive decline than several other families."

 John R. Mayer, San Francisco, 4 July 1991

Book VI, Le Strange of Hunstanton contains records of Knights and Esquires to the Body Royal.  The Hunstanton Household Accounts (1485-1568) have been transcribed in two different ways.  One chapter lists events chronologically while another chapter lists the names mentioned alphabetically.  John R. Mayer's transcription of the Hunstanton Household Accounts may not be 100% complete although what he finished was substantial, making up about 55 pages of this book.   The family of Sir Thomas le Strange is covered extensively including his serving as an esquire at the Field of Cloth of Gold.  There is also some description of Hunstanton Hall.

There is a very important chapter in this book (and available on this Web site) called Hypotheses of Hunstonian Descent.  Despite a myth that has been perpetuated by being repeatedly published, this chapter explains in detail that "As far as we may know or discern, the family le Strange of Hunstanton never gave rise to a Strange lineage in America."

For further information, refer to the Table of Contents, Volume II, Le Strange of Anglia and Eire.

To order, refer to Extraneus, Volume II, Le Strange of Anglia and Eire.

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