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Bayeaux tapestry. Commissioned perhaps by Odo, Bishop of Bayeau, half brother of William I the Conqueror. An 11th century embroidery with 70 scenes of the Norman Conquest, with Latin narrative, beginning with Harold’s visit to France and ending with the Battle of Hastings, and illustrating military equipment. [Discussion of the short bow, which is depicted in the tapestry, HL: 188]

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Bible. Four authorships united to create the first five books of the Bible, namely source J, E, D, and P. The first redaction consisted of sources JE, the second redaction combined JED, and the third redaction combined JEDP. Saint Jerome prepared the foundational translations known as the Latin Vulgate (Vg.) about ad 400.

      —— Torah, the Law.

      1000 bc. J, Yahwehist, the Judean source.

      800 bc. E, Elohist source; the north Israelite source.

      —— Genesis.

      622 bc. D, Deuteronomic source; the torah promulgated by King Josiah.

      600 bc. P, Priestly source, about the time of the Babylonian exile. This source tended to prohibit more actions than Deuteronomy.

      —— Leviticus.

      —— Deuteronomy.

      —— Nebi’im, the Prophets.

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      2 Chronicles. 2 Paralipomenon.

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      —— Ketubim, the Writings.


      Ezra. 1 Ezrae.




Bible in translation. The abbreviations given in parentheses were used by John Boswell.

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Bliss, Thomas A. (1908-1985). A third-generation editor and publisher of the Democratic Montgomery News in Hillsboro, IL. The large Bliss residence was NNE of the residence of E.B. Strange, across a wooded ravine, and several generations of the two families were acquainted. As Republicans, the Stranges preferred to read the Hillsboro Journal; but in recent decades the Montgomery News has been the most frequently published of the two, making it indispensible even to the Stranges.

      1981 The Goose Bone Papers: Writings of Charles W. Bliss, Country Newspaper Editor ... A Weaver of Words. 2nd printing, Hillsboro, IL: The Hillsboro and Montgomery County News, 1986. The book contains no specific reference to the Stranges; but it gives a rather comprehensive view of life in southern Illinois at the turn of the century, with plenty of Democratic commentary on national and world politics.

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Blore, Thomas (1764-1818), the topographer?

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Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG), Post Office Box 14291, Washington, DC 20044, 1977.

Bodley, Sir Thomas (1545-1613), diplomat and bibliophile who founded the Bodlein Library (1602) at Oxford. [BIBL.735]

Bodlein Manuscripts. A collection of manuscripts named for Sir Thomas Bodley (1545-1613). Oxford University: Bodleian Library.

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British Museum. The British Museum Library was reorganized and renamed the British Library in 1973.

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Broderbund Software, Incorporated, Banner Blue Division, Post Office Box 6125, Novato, CA 94948-6125, 800-474-8696.

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Burton, Joseph Chandler, Nelson Chandler, and Robert Davidson. See also Nelson Chandler.

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