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The Alphabetary Heraldic

A Genealogical Glossary

Editor: John R. Mayer

A Genealogical Glossary of the matrices and patrices of familial life.

Arranged as an Immodest Companion for Heraldic Visitation with notations and phrases typical of Anthropology, History, and Biography

Based on Saxon, Latin, and Greek, and annotated with comparative expressions in Italian, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Japanese, and Chinese

This glossary is a reference work on kinship and affinity which addresses many genealogical and heterogeneal topics of interest to modern Americans, including biblical marriages, the freedom to marry, marriage proclamations and registrations, rites of dissociative passage, degrees of kinship, and social classes.

Lesbians and gays will find The Alphabetary Heraldic enormously interesting, for it plainly and deliberately defines all of the classical terms for homosexual affinities, and outlines the historical evolution of civil registrations. 

Christians will find this work interesting because it provides detailed expositions of Anglo-American customs regarding betrothals, nuptials, adoptions, and the like.

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In memoriam:
H.R.H. Princess Diana of Wales, 1961-1997, Queen of Hearts

My paternal Aunt Charlotte Appel
née Charlotte Young, postea Charlotte Y. Mayer, 1914-1997,
a veritable incarnation of Artemis

Alan Ginsberg, obiit 1997, Sacred Bard of the Calamite Fraternity

Quod opus,
Barbara Jean Way
tibi dicamus

'Tis strange--but true; for truth is always strange; Stranger than fiction.
                                                Lord Byron (1788-1824), Don Juan, 13.101

Quippe id est homini naturale; ac sicut aves ad volatum, equi ad cursum, ad sævitiam feræ gignuntur; ita nobis propria est mentis agitatio atque sollertia, unde origo animi cælestis creditur.

Reasoning comes as naturally to man as flying to birds, speed to horses, and ferocity to beasts of prey: our minds are endowed by nature with such activity and sagacity that the soul is believed to proceed from heaven.
                                                                      Quintilian, The Institutio Oratoria, 1.1.18-19 includes our glossary in their Genealogy Dictionary page. Also included are definitions of technical, professional, specialist terms in any subject. is a web thesaurus and lexicon, listing The Alphabetary Heraldic under genealogy and glossary.

Other resources would be  which is a glossary and reference directory and which is a comprehensive reference web directory.

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