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IGI : International Genealogical Index.

IGI Source 975.543.V2N, Printout 0883672 : perhaps ATS.

IGI Source 1058570 : perhaps Chamberlayne 1937.

Inees of Edinight, Sir Malcolm Rognvald, Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order, Writer to Her Majesty’s Signet, Lord Lyon King of Arms.

1994 Our Warrant of date 21 July 1994, the grant of armorial bearings to Timothy Edward Lumisden Strange of Balcaskie. 1994/7/21. [T.E.L. Strange. Transcribed in THOM, Book IX, Strange of Balcaskie.]

Index of Revolutionary War Pension Applications. [JDS3: xi]

Ingleby, Clement Rolfe, Record Agent, 3 New Square, Lincoln’s Inn, London, W.C.2.

1921-1922. Translator and transcriber. Hunstanton Muniment Room. 7 volumes. Volume 8, General Index.Appendix, A Visitors’ Book of Hunstanton Hall, A.D. 1519-1534. A carbon copy of the manuscript. The Huntington Library. [Lippincott 1974: 256]

Volume 1. Series "A," Numbers A1-A73. 1921/5. [xxii + 150 + ii pages]

Volume 2. Series "AA," Numbers AA1-AA19. 1921/10. [xv + 128 pages]

Volume 3. Series "AB," Numbers AB1-AB16. 1922/1. [xi + 114 pages]

Volume 4. Series "AC," Numbers AC1-AC23. 1922/7. [xviii + 169 pages]

Volume 5. Series "AD," Numbers AD1-AD17. 1922/9. [xxiv + 56 pages received; originally 261 pages]

Volume 6. Series "AE," Numbers AE1-AE28. 1921/12. [xxv + 138 pages]

Volume 7.. Series "AF," Numbers AF1-AF23. 1922/3. [viii + 92 + Index Nominum & Locorum, xiv pages]

Volume 8. Hunstanton Muniment Room Records: General Index. Volumes I-IV. Circa 1922/12. [117 pages]

Volume 9. A Visitors’ Book of Hunstanton Hall, A.D. 1519-1534, compiled from contemporary records. 1921/12. [18

Inquisitions Post Mortem. Public Record Office Chancery. [35 Hen III: 23; note regarding John le Strange II, Edw I: 118.13; 1 Edw I, early in period between 1272/11/21 & 1273/11/20; 3 Edw II, No. 46, John le Strange V, HL: 210.4; 4 Edw II: 38-39; 5 Edw I: 60; 15 Edw I: 49.13; 17 Edw I: 17.

Inquisitions Post Mortem. Chancery Series, Public Record Office. [11.2]

International Genealogical Index (IGI).

1994 1994 Edition. Version 3.05.

International Research - KL, 3 rue de Duras, 75008 Paris, 33-1-43-26-4396, Fax 44-07-0147, 1996/3/5.

1996 "De Lestrange, Lestranges, L’Estrange." Photocopies of articles in Le nobiliare de France, and Grand armorial de France, with bibliographic references, and a list of other researchers.
Interpreter, s.v. Cowell.

Immigrants from Great Britain to the Georgia Colony. Morrow, GA: Genealogical Enterprises, 1970. [24. PILI 1985: Source 3388]

Ipswitch, Massachusetts, Vital Records. [JDS3: xi]

Irish Wills. Volume 1. [JDS3: ix]

Irving. Dictionary of Eminent Scotsmen. [John Strang, BALC 1.1*.]

Israel, Kenneth Davidson, Dr.

1981. Children of Israel. Jacksonville, FL. [67]

Itinerary, s.v. Leland, John.


J.D.S.3 (JDS3), s.v. Strange, John Drake, III, 1972, q.v.

J.R.M. (JRM), s.v. Mayer, John Richard, q.v.

Jacobs, Sue-Ellen.

1968 "Berdache: A Brief Review of the Literature," Colorado Anthropologist, 1968: 1.25-40.

Jessopp, Augustus.

—— "The Wooing and Married Life of Elizabeth Lady L’Estrange." Norfolk Antiquarian Miscellany, 2.242-284. [Lippincott 1974: s.v. Isham]

Jester, Annie Lash and Martha Woodroof Hiden.

1956 "Musters of the Inhabitants in Virginia 1624/1625." In Adventurers of Purse and Person: Virginia, 1607-1625. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1956: 5-69. [27. PILI 1981: 3520.]


—— Kentucky Land Grants. [JDS3: ix]

—— Military Warrants in Old Kentucky Entries and Deeds. [JDS3: ix]

Johns, David (obiit 1540).
1520 : 1520/8/25 : [No. 3c] [Gurney 1833: 434-

Johnson, Dr. Samuel (1709-1784), English lexicographer, literary critic, and poet. [ORKN.248-249. NKS: 116]

1755 A Dictionary of the English Language, 1747-1755.

1759 The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia, the prose tale of Abyssinia. 2 volumes. Anonymously, 1st edition, April 1759. 2nd edition, 1759. By 1773 there were editions for the Americans, Dutch, French, Germans, and Italians, making it the most famous of Johnson’s works.

1779-1781. Lives of the English Poets. 68 volumes. The prefaces were so excellent in their own right that they were pirated and published in Dublin almost immediately. Authorized, revised edition of the prefaces, Prefaces, Biographical and Critical, to the Works of the English Poets, 1781.

Johnson, William Perry, published several tax lists which were later compiled by Clarence E. Ratcliff, and published as North Carolina Taxpayers, 1701-1786. See Ratcliff 1984.

1955-1961. The North Carolinian. [NC]

1962-1966. Journal of North Carolina Genealogy. [JNCG]

1967-1975. North Carolina Genealogy. [JNCG]

Jordan and Kimball.

—— Your Family Tree. [Contains a chart tracing the descent of Abraham Lincoln from Elizabeth le Strange.]

Josephus, vel Flavius Josephus, natus circa ad 37, obiit circa ad 100.

75 The Wars of the Jews, or The History of the Destruction of Jerusalem. From Antiochus Epiphanes (reigned 175-163 bc), through the Herodian period, to the fall of Jerusalem (ad 70). Rome, circa ad 75, when Josephus was thirty-eight years of age.

93a The Antiquities of the Jews. From creation to 12 Nero, and then to the fall of Jerusalem (ad 70). Rome, 13 Domitian (ad 93).

93b Translated by Sir Roger L’Estrange. The Works of Flavius Josephus compared with the original Greek. 2 volumes. Published 1702. Reprint, London, 1716. [H.6083-6084]

93c Translated by William Whiston, A.M., Professor of Mathematics in the University of Cambridge. The Works of Flavius Josephus. 4 volumes. Dublin, 1738-1741. Reprint, Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House, 1983.

95 Life. Rome, circa ad 95.

97 Against Apion. Written to refute the Alexandrian scholar Apion, who flourished in the reign of Tiberius (ad 14-37). Rome, circa ad 97.

Justiciar of Chester.

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