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W.M.H.C. [whose full name is unknown].

1864 Le Strange Pedigree, from its origin to A.D. 1310. Dated 1864/1/1. Le Strange Collection, ??.

ca 1864 Royal Pedigree, showing the descent of Henry L’Estrange Styleman le Strange from Charlemagne, King Egbert of England, Rollo the Dane, King Robert Bruce of Scotland, and Alphonso VII, King of Castille and Leon. [Le Strange Collection, ??.]

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—— All About Us. ["The Kent County, Virginia Stranges," pages 100-101. Amitie County Library. Joe Burton 1997/2/18.]

Walton, Lord Howard de.

1900 Some Feudal Lords and Their Seals. De Walden Library. [Seal of John le Strange V of Knockin--depicting him in armor, with sword, on a horse decorated with his arms--, which was attached to the famous 1301 letter to the Pope, on cord xii, A23, page 85; HL: plate V, facing 370, photo 3. Seal of Roger le Strange of Ellesmere attached to the same letter, on cord A65, page 140; HL: idem, photo 2; British Museum Catalogue of Seals, 2.11.315. Seal of Fulk le Strange of Blackmere, on cord A63, page 166; HL: idem, photo 4; British Museum Catalogue of Seals, 2.770.9521. The last two seals were once displayed at the Museum of the Public Record Office, HL: 370.]

Walton, Roberta Lee (née Strange; 1916), s.v. Strange, Alexander Taylor, circa 1925.

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Way, Barbara Jean, née Mayer.

1995 The Family of Charles John Mayer. Saginaw, MI: 3159 Wintergreen Drive West, 48603, 517-792-7379, 1995/1/22. [HILL 10.1151162441]

Weaver / Weever, ——.

1631. Ancient Funeral Monuments within Great Britain, &c. 1st edition, 1631. Commonly known as Weaver’s Funeral Monuments. [Inscription recorded by Weever, but now defaced, from the tomb in Hillingdon, MIDDLX, famous for its brass, still extant (illustrated, HL: plate IX, 346; JRM 1986: 78), showing the family of John IX (1444-1479), 8th Lord Strange of Knokyn (1449), 530; quoted in HL: 346. 530. "Inscriptions at Hunstanton," 545. HL: 345.1-346. CROC.]

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—— Alumni Westmonast. [400]

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Welsh Wars, s.v. Morris.

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—— Whitmore’s Genealogical Guide. [Society of Genealogists, 1966/12/17]

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—— Scottish Emigrants to Canada. [WHIT.]

Wiegel, ——.

1848. The Accomplishments of the Stranges in Art and Literature. Leipzig. [ATS]

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1992 "Case of decapitated woman may be reopened," The Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY, 1992/12/23. [Ernst 1993/2/8.]

1994 Letter to John R. Mayer, dated 1994/2/27.

Wilson, Philip.

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Wiltshire Archaeological Magazine. [5.267. Marshall. JDS3: vii]

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1964 Franklin County, Virginia, A History. Berryville, VA. [PITT. James Strange, 209.]

Winthrop’s Papers.

Wodehouse, P.G. (Sir Pelham Grenville; 1881-1975). He began as a writer of stories for boys, such as The Pothunters (1902) and A Prefect’s Uncle (1903). He was famous for his characters Bertie Wooster and his man servant, Jeeves. The Inimitable Jeeves (1924), The Code of the Woosters (1938), and Much Obliged, Jeeves (1971) are representative of this large body of work. He collaborated with Guy Bolton in the musical comedy called The Caberet Girl (1922). He was captured by the Germans in 1939 and interned in Germany. He became a United States citizen in 1955.

1926 "Jeeves and the Impending Doom," printed first in Very Good, Jeeves! Reprint, A Wodehouse Bestiary, edited by D. R. Benson. New York: Ticknor & Fields, 1985.


—— Collections. Glasgow, LANARKS: Glasgow University, manuscript. [Life of Dr. John Strang, D.D. (1584-1654).]

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Wood, Neal P., Green Hill, Cymmer Road, Porth, Mid Glamorgan, Wales, CF39 9BE, United Kingdom, 0443-682838, recognized by Michael le Strange Meakin of Hunstanton Hall, and Jean Kennedy, Archivist of the Norfolk and Norwich Record Office, as being an expert on le Strange family history.

1986 Corrections to a draft of the chapter Styleman and le Strange of Hunstanton.

1994a Extraneus News, Journal of the le Strange Society. Number 1, June 1994, iv + 20 pages. ISSN 1355-3135.

1994b Extraneus News, Journal of the le Strange Society. Number 2, December 1994, iv + 20 pages. ISSN 1355-3135.

Wood, Walter, the Reverend.

1908 The East Neuk of Fife. Second edition, 1908. [RENN, GLAS. 153, 392]

Works Projects Administration, United States of America.

1940? Index to Records of Aliens’ Declarations of Intention and/or Oaths of Allegiance, 1789-1880, in United States Civil Circuit Court, United States District Court, Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Quarter Sessions Court, Court of Common Pleas, Philadelphia. Compiled by Works Project Number 20837. Sponsored by Pennsylvania Historical Commission. 11 volumes. [10.S.323. PILI 1981: 9308.]

Wotton’s English Baronetage. [2.144. Marshall. JDS3: vii]

Wright, Thomas.

—— Editor. History of Fulk Fitzwarine. A possible prototype for the Robin Hood myths. [104-112. HL: 68.]

1864 Editor. "A poem on the siege of Caerlaverock, in manuscript at the British Museum." [HL: 211]

Wrottesley, General Hon. George.

—— Crécy and Calais. [169]

Wulfeck. Marriages of Some Virginia Residents. [JDS3: x]

Wyatt, Sir Thomas (Wyat / Wyats; circa 1503-1542), Kt. (1536), English courtier and poet.

1557 Poems, 1st published with Surrey’s in Tottel’s Miscellany, edited by Rollins 1928, et seq.

Wylie, Donald.

1986 Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada before Confederation. Ontario Genealogical Society, 1986. [KILB, WHIT.]

Wynkoop, Richard.

1908? History of the Strang Family. A manuscript of the Strang family history written on about 60 pages of a blank book. [CS71.S898, 1908; microfilm 8751 CS]


Yates Publishing, Family Group Sheet Exchange, Stevensville, MT: Post Office Box 67, 59870, 1993.

Youings, Joyce.

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