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Table of Contents

Extraneus, Volume II
Le Strange of Anglia and Eire

 Illustrations, page xix

Preface to Volume II the Second Edition, page xxiii

Book VI, Le Strange of Hunstanton

Hunstanton Hall, page 3



Le Strange of Litcham, page 9

1100 - 1305

Creation of le Strange Extraneus

Extranean Affinities with de Burgh & de Perers

Norfolk - Suffolk

Fictional Stranges, page 17

Strangers in Our Dreams

Wales - Kent

Knights and Esquires le Strange of Hunstanton, page 21


Devolutions le Strange to Bernard & Rochefort

Affinites le Strange with Bebe : Beke, Beman : Bemont : Beaumont, Camoys, de Brews, Radford,Vernon & Walkfare

Salop - Norfolk

Strange Esquires to the Body Royal, page 31


Alliance le Strange and le Strange

Devolutions le Strange to Brown, Calthorpe, Gawdy, Gurney, Hastings, le Strange, Mordaunt, & Wotton:Wooten

Affinities with Calthorpe, Drury, Heydon, & le Strange

Hunstanton Hall, Norfolk

The Strange Order of Time, page 45


Prosopographia Hunstantuna, page 87


The People at Hunstanton

The Gatehouse of Green Park, page 103


Hunstanton Hall, Norfok

West Wing, page 109



The Household of Sir Thomas le Strange, page 113


Devolutions to Anderson, Bozun, Calthorpe, Clark, Cocker, Cressener, Grey, Lumnor, Prentis, Punt, Southwell, & Spelman

Affinities with Athow, Bell, Fitz William, Gooding, Hastings, Hyde, Lawrence, Paston, Shane, Vaux, William, & Yelverton

Warwick – Hunstanton Hall, Norfolk

Esquire at the Field of Cloth of Gold, page 149


Fasti Memores Hunstantunes , page 155


Calendar of Feast Days at Hunstanton

Hypotheses of Hunstonian Descent, page 159


Norfolk – Devon – Virginia

The Elizabethan Hall, page 167


Hunstanton Hall, Norfolk

Records in Wiltshire, page 171



Book VII, L'Estrange and Styleman of Hunstanton

Excerpta Sudfulciensis, page 175


Variations Strawnge, Strannge, Strange, Strang, le Straing, le Strange, Lestrange, Strainge

Alliance with Berry

Devolutions to Allard, Berry, Brice, Bullocke : Bulloch : Bullock, Cocksedge, Darling, Dove, Farrow, Gladwin, Howard, King, Nantick, Pemberton, Potter, Reynolds, Spall, Stocking, Waspe, & Whistlecraft

Strange Affinities with Ashmanall, Baskett, Berry, Britton, Bronwin, Clark, Clarke, Cole, Ebbes, Pleasants, Pooley, Rands, Scopes, Smith, Stanton, & Turvey

Strang Affination with Owen


Miscellanea Strangensis , page 201


Strange Devolutions to Balls, Bidwell, Boulton, Bryant, Carr, Cason, Elmer, Ewin, Heath, Hutson, Kent, Mayhew, Reynolds, Riseborough, Smith, Spencer, Walker, & Whistler

Affinities with Awgur, Barturn : Bartum, Block, Brown : Browne, Carr, Carver, Fox, Freestone, Land, Lecokenor : Lewkenor, Orpen, Osborne, Philips, Pirrie, Reeve, Stockings, Strange, & Wilsey 201

Norfolk - Algiers

Baronetcy of Hunstanton, page 219


Creation of L’Estrange le Strange, 1636-1640

Alliances with L’Estrange, Wodehouse, & Calthorpe

Devolutions le Strange to Aspin, Astley, Barnsley, Bokenham, Calthorp, Cragie, Johnson, Playford, Smith, Spring, Styleman, Tash, Wodehouse, & Yates

Affinities le Strange with Asty, Bagnall, Bastard, Bullock, Calthorpe, Cogsdell, Coke, Cordell, Dolman, Dunwell, Harsnet : Harsett, Harvey, Isham, Lane, Laverick, Lewkenor, Monck, Nixon, North, Rede, Stubbe, Thorold : Thurrold, Whitchurch, & Wodehouse

Affinity of L’Estrange with L’Estrange


North Wing, page 255


The Oak Achievements of the Drawing Room Became a Smokey Night

The Orangery , page 257


The Sun-brightened Floors of the Carolean Enclave

Strangways Norfulciensis, page 261


Devolutions to Brigges, & Moyses

Affinations with Webster


Incidents Lestrange and L’Estrange in Norfolk, page 263


Affinations with Bullard, Knott, Maris, Newstead, & Partington


The Baronetcy Astley of Melton Constable, page 267


Astley Devolutions to Broderick, Bulloch, Cosham, Cubitt, Cunningham, Dashwood, Field, Fortescue, Gaine, Green, Haw, Kellie, Knight, L’Estrange, le Strange, Lee-Warner, Macqueen, Muirshiel, Napier, Pigot-Moodle, Prat, Schofield, Sergison, Sparke, Stirling, Sutton, Tomkin, Vandeleur, Warrington, Woollet, Wyndham

Astley Affinations with Bedingfield, Bell, Binney, Browne, Bullen, Carroll, Clark, Conyngham, Corbet, Dashwood, Delaval, Fountaine, Gouch, Harbord, Hare, Hase, Hinton, Kinder, Little, Manners-Sutton, McKerrow, Micklethwait, Mills : Milles, Nevill, Pitman, Quayle, Rendall, Russell, Schreiber, Stewart, Strover, Underwood, Vigors, Watlington, & Wavell


Styleman and le Strange of Hunstanton , page 283


Creation of le Strange Styleman le Strange, 1874

Devolutions to Archdale, Blundell, Campbell, Drew, Fitzroy, Herring, Hervey, Jones, Martin, Meakin, North, Oliphant, Panic, Powell, Remfry, Stuart, Styleman, Styleman le Strange, Thursby, Waller, White, Wilson, Wood, & Wynne-Finch

Affinities with Atkinson, Betham, Blakeway, Cobb, Cresswell, Gordon, Gregg, Henley, Mackay, Oliver, Preedy, Styleman, Sutherst, & Tyrrell

Affinations Styleman le Strange Styleman with Stewart

Affinations le Strange Styleman le Strange with Angear, Austin, Cartwright, Hastings, & Lloyd-Mostyn

The Grey Lady, page 303

Ghost of the Needlework Bedroom

Masonic Societies, page 309


Reflections on the Mystic Arts

Hunstanton Park, page 313


New Hunstanton, page 321



New Chambers, page 323


Henry L’Estrange Styleman le Strange’s Additions to Hunstanton Hall, Norfolk

The Victoria, page 329


The ‘Schoolhouse’ that Replaced the Elizabethan Hall, Norfolk

Book VIII, L'Estrange of Moystown

Preface to Book VIII, page 335


L’Estrange of Moystown, page 337


Alliances with L’Estrange, Cosby

L’Estrange Devolutions to Cosby, Cotterel, Crofton, Davis, Farbes, Fitzroy, Foye, Hamilton, Malone, Meredith, Murphy, Phillips, Upton, Wall, Warburton, & Welton

L’Estrange Affinities with Astley, Atkinson, Crosbie – Cosby, Dodwell, Gunthorpe, Higgins, L’Estrange, Loftus, Malone, Montagu – Montague, Moore, Pole, Saint Lawrence, Sandes, White, & Winnard

Norfolk - Roscommon - King’s County - Queen’s County - Australia

L’Estrange of Keoltown, page 361


L’Estrange Devolutions to Coffey, Falkiner, Ford, Hall, Hodson, L’Estrange, Littaur, Mooney, Naghten, Osbrey, & Swift

L’Estrange Affinities with Birmingham, Bomford, Campbell, Cooke, Garrett, Harrison, Hodson, Klein, L’Estrange, Morgan, Mulock, Osbrey, Quin-Conroy, Rochfort, Smith, Stroud, &Thompson

Queen’s County - Westmeath - Dublin - New York

Descendants of Henry-Peisley L’Estrange II, page 379


L’Estrange Alliance with L’Estrange

L’Estrange Devolutions to Beresford, Cooper, Digby, Gore, Johnstone, Kelly, L’Estrange, Macdonald, Malone, Mansfield, Orme, Perceval, Robbins, St. George, & Stepney

L’Estrange Affinities with Aaronson, Bennett, Burdett, Carlton, Innes, Jackson, L’Estrange, Lumley-Savile, Mathews, Newton, Rawson, Stepney, & Taylor

L’Estrange-Malone Affinities with Foljambe & St. Quentin

Carleton-L’Estrange Affinity with Cooper

King’s County, Ireland - Massachusetts - Michigan

L’Estrange of Cleveland , page 393


L’Estrange Alliance with Murphy

L’Estrange Devolutions to Regan, Murphy, Cuyler, Brown, Tremain

L’Estrange Affinities with Halligan, Dillon, Murphy, Harrison

Meath - Dublin - Ohio

Transmigrations L’Estrange, page 399


L’Estrange Devolutions to Charlton, Cudahey, Demarest, Gadbois, Hentz, Newman, Rosemond, Sehilz, Smith, Solosky, Style, Tabaska, Tans, Thomas

L’Estrange Affinities with Carlow, Congdon, Fagan, Gast, Gavagrn : Gaurgan, Mielenner, Neacy : Neucy, O’Neill, Reynold, Simmonsma

Westmeath – Dublin - New York – New South Wales - Wisconsin - Nevada

L’Estrange of Kilcummin House, page 409


L’Estrange Devolutions to Acheson, Aldous, Atkinson, Denham, Eames, Frantz, Kilburn, Mahon, Rankine, Sanford, Stanley, & Toulme

L’Estrange Affinities with Abernethy, Ailes, Arbuthnot, Atkinson, Brooks, Cameron, Colthurst, Griffin, Knubley, Lochhead, Lord, Metcalfe, Nicolson, Sherman, & Studdert

King’s County, Ireland - Massachusetts - South Africa - Michigan - Minnesota – California - Australia

The Famine Immigrants , page 431


The Irish Settlement, page 435


L’Estrange Devolution to Miller

L’Estrange Affinities with Kelley, Lynch, & Roach

Ireland – Iowa - Michigan - Nevada

LesStrang of Pittsburgh, page 441


LesStrang Devolution to Cortwright

LesStrang Affinities with Marcks, Mehaffey, Mentzer, & O’Reiley


Appendix A, Chapter Title Abbreviations, page 449

Appendix B, Numbering & Abbreviations, page 451

Appendix C, Glossary, page 459

Index, page 463


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