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The Alphabetary Heraldic

Genealogical Glossary


U : [Ogham Q-Celtic] ura.[1]

ū : uu : a long u.

U : V : the letter U, a variant of V.

Ű, ű : [Sumerian] closed vowel, one of the three long vowels added after the primal three.

Ű, ű : a rounded u, marked by an umlaut.

U.C. : Upper Canada, now Ontario, Canada.

U.K. : United Kingdom.

U.S. Air Force records : [inde 1947] the records of enlisted personnel and officer separated in October 1947 or later, stored at NPRC.

U.S. Army Air Force records : [donec 1947] records of enlisted personnel and officers who separated in September 1947 or earlier.

U.S. Army records : [1789-1912 vel 1917] the records of enlisted personnel who separated in October 1912 or earlier, and officers who served in June 1917 or earlier, stored as NARA.

U.S. Army records : [inde 1912 vel 1917] the records of enlisted personnel who separated in November 1912 or later, or officers who separated in July 1917 or later, stored at NPRC.

U.S. census : [1800]  The enumeration of 1800 may be expressed as a 12-digit code, e.g. 22001-00001-0-5.  The four categories are males (22001), females (00001), horses (0), and mules (5).

U.S. census : [1850]  The 1850 census named the members of the household for the first time, for only the heads of household were named prior to 1850.  The 1850 census also questioned, for the first time, whether a person was deaf, dumb, blind, or insane.

U.S. census : [1860]  Questioned whether a person was deaf, dumb, blind, or insane.

U.S. census : [1870]  Questioned whether a person was deaf, dumb, blind, or insane.  It also questioned whether a person was a survivor of the Civil War.

U.S. census : [1880, 1900-1920]  The birthplaces of both parents were recorded in the U.S. Federal censuses of 1880, 1900, 1910, and 1920.

U.S. census : [1880]  The first census that identified each person’s relationship to the head of household.  It questioned whether people of ill or disabled on the day of the censu, and asked whether persons wer deaf, dumb, blind, or insane.

U.S. census : [1890]  Mostly destroyed by fire in 1921.  It questioned whether a person was crippled, maimed, or deformed.

U.S. census : [1900]   Documented how many children a female had, and how many survived.

U.S. census : [1900] The 1900 Federal census was unique, in that it provided the total number of children (both living and dead) ever born to the wife, as well as the number of her children still present in the household.  The difference between numbers represents the children who died prior to the 1900 count, as well as any children who might have migrated elsewhere, or married.

U.S. census : [1910]  Questioned whether a person was blind, or deaf and dumb.

U.S. census schedules : [1850-1880] the federal mortality schedules that aimed at collection supplemental information about births, marriages, and deaths.  Many of these were saved and indexed by the DAR.

U.S. census schedules : [1885] the federal mortality schedule covering people who died in the year ending 31 May 1885.

U.S. Coast Guard records : [1791-1919] the records of the Revenue Cutter Service, Life-Saving Service, Lighthouse Service, and U.S. Coast Guard, reposited at NARA.

U.S. Coast Guard records : [1890-1928] the records of officers, stored at NARA.

U.S. Coast Guard records : [1929] the records of officers who separated in 1929 or later, stored at NPRC.

U.S. Coast Guard records : [inde 1915] the records of enlisted personnel separated in 1915 or later, stored at NPRC.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs : the cabinet-level department, established by the Reagan administration in the 1980s, that consolidated many pension files surviving from previous bureaucracies, such as the Veterans Administration.  The genealogist must apply to regional offices for pension file searches, because the central pension records office in Washington, DC, was dissolved long ago.

U.S. draft registrations : [1917-1918] the conscription records for men who registered for the draft during the Great War (1914-1918), now called World War I, stored at the National Archives, Southeast Region.

U.S. immigration records : Cf. passenger list, Port of New York.

U.S. Life-Saving Service : [1864-1919] the civilian records of a predecessor to the U.S. Coast Guard, stored at NPRC

U.S. Lighthouse Service records : [1864-1919] the civilian records of a predecessor to the U.S. Coast Guard, stored at NPRC

U.S. Marine Corps records : [1789-1895 vel 1904] the records of officers who served in 1895 or earlier, or enlisted personnel who served in 1904 or earlier, stored at NARA.

U.S. Marine Corps records : [inde 1896 vel 1905] the records of officers who separated in 1896 or later, or enlisted personnel who separated in 1905 and later, stored at NPRC.

U.S. military records : the service and pension records of various military and quasi-military branches of the present U.S. Treasury and Department of Defense.  The National Archives (NARA) stores most of the older records dated 1775-1928, whereas the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) catalogs several recent record collections that commence irregularly in the years 1864, 1886, 1905, 1912, 1915, 1929, and 1947.  The National Archives, Southeast Region, in Georgia, has the draft registrations for World War I.  After the Civil War, some independent bureaucracies handled most of the pension claims, and therefore many of the extant pension files will be found at regional offices of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

U.S. Navy records : [1789-1885 vel 1902] the records of enlisted personnel through December 1885, and officers through December 1902, stored at NARA.

U.S. Navy records : [inde 1886 vel 1903] the records of enlisted personnel separated in 1886 or later, or officers separated in 1903 or later, stored at NPRC.

U.S. Revenue Cutter Service records : [1864-1919] the civilian records of a predecessor to the U.S. Coast Guard, stored at NPRC.

U.S. Revenue Cutter Service records : [inde 1915] the records of officers whose service continued in 1915 and beyond.

U.S. veteran’s schedules : [1775-1916] the records of benefits offered as remuneration for military service, including pension claims based on military service between 1775 and 1916, and Bounty Land Warrant applications based upon terms of military service in wartime between 1775 and 1855, stored at NARA.

U.S. veteran’s schedules : [inde 1917] the records of pension claims based on terms of military service that commenced in 1917 and later.

U.S.S. : United States Ship.  Cf. H.M.S., R.M.S.

U.S.S. : USS : United States Ship.

ua : ó : [Ir] O’; grandson; a variant spelling for the ancient Gaelic prefix to a surname.

uägte : [Dn] illegitimate.

Uathach : the daughter of Scáthach.  She guarded the gatehouse of Dunscaith Castle.

uberty : ubertas : abundance, fruitfulness.

ubi sine liberis obiit : when he died without issue.[2]  Cf. sine liberis obiit.

ubiquity : omnipresence; eistence at the same time in all places.

uccidere : to kill.

uccidersi : [reflexive] to commit suicide.[3]

uekte : [Nw] illegitimate.

Ug : Ugaritic cuneiform.

Ugaritic cuneiform : [1500-1300 bc] Ras Shamra cuneiform, discovered during a French excavation made at Ugarit, Syria, in 1929.  Ugaritic cuneiform and Old Persian cuneiform were the only two cuneiforms that ever evolved from pictographs into formal alphabets having a fixed number of symbols for sounds.  Ugaritic cuneiform had 32 symbols for 27 consonants and 3 vowels..................................................................................................
@.A.B.C.D............................................. ’A.B.G.Ĥ.D. (5 letters)
E.F.G.H.I................... H.W.Z.H.T. (5 letters)
J .K.L.M.N.O............ Y.K.Ś.L.M.D. (6 letters)
P.Q.R............................... N.Z.S. (3 letters)
S.T.U.V.W.[X.Y]...... ‘.P.S.Q.R.[T.G.] (7 letters)
Z.[.\.]........................................................... T.’I.‘U.Š. (4 letters)
_.`...................................... word dividers
a.b.c.d.............................................................................. (6 variants)
e.f.h.i.j.k.l......................... (7 variants)
Total characters........................................................................................ 43

ugift : [Dn, Nw] unmarried.

ugly : deformed, hateful, offensive to the sight; the lack of comeliness or beauty.

ulcus : sore, ulcer, wound.

-ule : -ole.

-ulence : -lence : -olence : state or quality of being full of.

-ulent : -olent : full of.

-ulous : -uous : tending to.

ult. : ultimo.

ultimo : the preceding month, the month before.

ultimogeniture : a rule that favors the youngest child in a family, rather than the eldest; a type of impartible inheritance wherein only the youngest son inherits his father’s property as sole heir.  Cf. unigeniture.  Opp. gavelkind, primogeniture.

ultimus : last, end, furthest.

ulto. : ultimo.

ultra : beyond; advanced, as in disease; meta- [Gk].

ultramarine : foreign, beyond the sea.

ultramontane : ultra montanus : beyond the mountains.

ultramundane : beyond the world, in outer space.

umbo : the boss of a shield.

umbrage : ombrage : [Fr] shade, shadow, a screen of trees; offence, suspicion of injury.

umbrella : a screen used to ward off the sun or shed the rain.

Umfridus : Humfrey.

umlaut : ˝ : a diaeresis.  E.g. gemütlich [Gm].  Cf. ablaut.

umpirage : arbitration, mediation, the friendly decision of a controversy.

umpire : arbitrator, a common friend who decides some dispute.

un- : one.

unbaptized : not baptized.

unbarbed : unshaven, not shaven.

unbegot : unbegotten : eternal, without generation; not yet in existence.

unbeliever : infidel, one who disbelieves in God.

unborn : [Sx] future; being to come; not yet brought to life.

uncail : [Ir] uncle; a Gaelic version of the English kin term.

unchristian : unconverted, infidel; contrary to the laws of Christianity.

uncircumcised : not circumcised; not Jewish.

uncivilly : unpolite.

unclaimed : Cf. destination.

uncle : [1524] HuFaSi(½)Hu; husband’s father’s halfsister’s husband.  Lady le Strange called Richard Banyard ‘uncle’ because Banyard married her husband Sir Thomas le Strange’s paternal halfaunt Anne Radcliff, or Anne Ratcliffe, daughter of Sir Robert Ratcliff by the widow Katherine le Strange née Drury.  Anne was the uterine halfsister of Sir Robert le Strange (circa 1470-1512/3/18), alias Sir Robert Straunge, Knightxe “le Strange, Robert, Sir”.  Banyard was a lawyer and account who served as Steward to Sir Thomas.  VideEsquires to the Body Royal.’

uncle : [1991] FaPh, FaEr; father’s male lover.

uncle : oncle : [Fr] FaBr, MoBr; the brother of one’s father or mother; husband of one’s aunt.

uncle : uncail : [En-Ir] an English classificatory term.  Although the Irish sometimes use the same kin term, they prefer to use descriptive terms, such as father’s brother, mother’s brother, et cetera.  Cf. aunt.

uncle-in-law : PaSiHu, SpPaBr; the uncle of one’s husband or wife; husband of one’s aunt.

uncles and aunts : Cf. mourning.

unconjugal : not befitting a husband or wife; not consistent with matrimonial fidelity.

unction : onction : [Fr] the act of annointing.

uncuckolded : not made a cuckold.

und- : ound- : wave.

undecency : indecency, unbecomingness.

undeflowered : not vitiated.

underbearer : one who actually sustains the weight of the corpse at a funeral.  Depending upon the weight of the corpse and coffin, the underbearers may number 6 or 8 able-bodied men.  Honorary bearers are called instead pallbearers.  Cf. pallbearers.

undergraduate : one who has not yet obtained a degree at a university.

underkeeper : a subordinate keeper.

underlaborer : a subordinate workman.

underling : an inferior agent, a sorry and mean fellow.

undermaster : a master subordinate to some principal master.

underofficer : an inferior officer, one with subordinate authority.

undersecretary : a subordinate or inferior secretary.

undersheriff : deputy sheriff.

understrapper : an inferior agent, a petty fellow.

undertaker : one who manages funerals; turnkey contractor, one who engages to build for another at a fixed price; one who engages in projects and affairs.

underwater fighting : a martial art taught by Scáthach.

underwriter : insurer, one who writes his name under the conditions of an insurance policy.

undoer : one who ruins, one who brings to destruction.

undress : to strip, divest of clothes; to divest ornaments; to divest ostentatious attire.

unehelich : [Gm] illegitimate, out of wedlock.

unenslaved : free, not enthralled.

unentombed : uninterred, unburied.

unfed : not supplied with food.

unfellowed : unmatched.

unfetter : to unchain, set free from shackles.

unforeskinned : circumcised.

ungarrisoned : without a garrison.

ungentle : not befitting a gentleman.

ungkarl : [Dn] bachelor.

ungovernable : wild, unbridled, licentious; not to be ruled, not to be restrained.

unholy : wicket, impious, profane, not hallowed.

unhumbled : untouched by shame or confusion; not humbled.

uni- : one.

unigena : only; the only-begotten daughter; born of one family.

unigeniture : a rule of inheritance that requires a sole heir but which excludes all others.  Unigeniture was common in central England, and customarily assigned successional rights in primogeniture, to the eldest surviving son.  Whenever the system was disturbed by wholesale migrations, such as when several brothers emigrated to America, then the rights usually reverted to the eldest son remaining at home.  Cf. primogeniture, ultimogeniture.  Opp. gavelkind.

unigenitus : the only son; the only-begotten son; born of one family.

unilateral cross cousin marriage : asymmetric cross cousin marriage.

unilineal : patrilineal or agnatic in relationship, allied to both kinds of parallel cousins, but not sharing group member­ship with cross-cousins, i.e., father’s sister’s children and mother’s brother’s children.  Opp. nonunilineal, ambilineal.

unilineal descent : household organization around same-sex relatives; the tracing of relationship through either the male or female line.  The horticultural Hurons form households of uterine relatives, wherein the females remain in their natal groups, whereas the males define the migrating sex.  Hunting and fishing tribes tend to form households of agnatic relatives, wherein males remain in their natal groups, whereas the females define the migrating sex.  Cf. agnatic descent, ambilineal descent, bilateral descent, double descent, matrilineal descent, mixed descent, nonunilinear descent, patrilineal descent, uterine descent.

unilineal descent group : a descent group that is often named for a totem, an eponymous ancestor, or a locality.[4]  A uniliny is normally exogamous and discrete, having a narrow lateral extent and boundaries defined by its exogamy.  Cf. sept, totem, eponymous ancestor.  Opp. cognatic descent group.

unilineal descent group : clan, lineage; a descent group with vertical depth.

union : poor-law union; a unity of two or more parishes in England and Wales, permitted to form a special registration district.

union : unio : concord; conjunction of minds or interests; the act of joining two or more things so as to make them one; the consolidation of two churches into one, by consent of the bishop, patron, and incumbent.

Union Jack : the familiar flag of the United Kingdom, representing the political unity of England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.  The flag of England is the simple, red Cross of Saint George, a perpendicular red cross on a field of white.  The flag of Scotland is a white cross of diagonal lines, against a field of blue, which is called the Cross of Saint Andrew.  The flag of Ireland is the red Cross of Saint Patrick, which is a red cross of diagonal lines, set upon a field of white.  The curiously complex Union Jack, with its several crosses, and its field of blue, shows the three flags of England, Scotland, and Ireland as one composite image.  Today, the Union Jack represents the republican unity of the Protestant countries of the British Isles, whereas the Royal Standard represents the unbroken line of royal succession and the executive Crown.  For the first time in history, Buckingham Palace hoisted the Union Jack to half-mast during the funeral of H.R.H. Princess Diana of Wales, on Saturday, 6 September 1997.  Cf. Royal Standard.

uniparous : bringing forth one at birth.

unique : sole, without equal, peerless; without another of the same kind known to exist.  Americans often qualify this adjective, saying ‘very unique’ and the like, but the exclusive meaning of the word should not invite any such comparisons.  One cannot qualify unique.

unisexualité : [Fr] unisexuality, homosexuality.[5]

Unitarianism : [1687] a religious sect that holds God the Father to be a singular deity.  The sect is called anti-trinitarian, for its opposition to the notion of a Holy Trinity.

Unitarians : [inde 1715] Protestant Dissenters; one of the four New Dissenter sects of Nonconformists, namely the Unitarians, Congregationalists, Moravians, and Methodists.  Cf. Dissenter sects.

United Kingdom : U.K. : [1801-1922] the political unity England, Scotland, and Ireland, disrupted by the Irish Revolt.  Cf. Great Britain.

United Kingdom : U.K. : [1927] the political unity of England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, the entity formally created in recognition of the Irish Free State, or Eire.

unity : unitas : concord, conjunction, agreement, uniformity, the state of being one.

universe : Cf. Steady State theory.

universe : universum : [1911-1930] the general system of things; the cosmos.  Einstein, Le Maitre, Hubble, and others determined that our universe is expanding, and consists of innumerable galaxies made of millions of stars, all moving apart.

unk. : unknown.

unked : unkid : uncouth, unusual, odd, strange; lonely, solitary.

unkle : PaBr, FaBr, MoBr; uncle.

unknightly : unbecoming a knight.

unknown : incognitus, incompertus.

unknown : the status of a peerage of uncertain authorization, or a peerage of dubious destination.  Cf. destination.

unknown or doubtful : a peerage of dubious destination or uncertain authority.

unm. : unmarried.

unmanly : unmanlike : effeminate, unsuitable to a man; unbecoming a human being.

unmarried : spouseless, having no husband or no wife.

unmarry : to divorce, to separate from the matrimonial contract.

unnameable way : [1900] a euphemism for anal intercourse.

unnoble : mean, ignoble, ignominious.

unreconcilable : irreconcilable, implacable, not to be appeased; not to be made consistent with.

unrelated : not allied by kinship, having no connection with something.

unrelative : having to connection with, having to relation to.

unsealed : wanting a seal; having a broken seal.

unsex : to make the sex otherwise, to change the sex; to castrate, neuter, spay.  Cf. capon, ox.

until : donec, up to the time; dum, until, while, throughout the time that; quoad, until, as long as; ad, in [+ ablative] up to, until; non prius quam, non ante quam, not before.

unverheiratet : [Gm] unmarried.

unwarrantable : not allowed, indefensible; not to be justified.

unweaponed : not furnished with any offensive arms.

unwed : unmarried.

unwitnessed : wanting notice, wanting testimony.

unyoke : [Sx] to part, disjoin; to loose from the yoke.

unyoked : unrestrained, licentious; not wearing any yoke.

uomo : [It] man, homo.

-uous : -ulous : tending to.

uplandish : rude, rustical, inhabiting mountains; mountainous.

-uplet : -iplet : a suffix used to denote a set of children produced by a multiple birth.  Cf. multiparous, multiple births, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, sextuplets, septuplets.

upper class : [Am] aristocracy, plutocrats; the wealthy stockholders in a capitalist system.

Upper House : House of Lords.  It is convenient to use this expression in lieu of House of Lords, whenever speaking exclusively of peeresses instead of peers.

Upper Paleozoic era : a long period of prehistoric time, consisting of the Devonian, Carboniferous, and Permian periods.  Cf. year 416 million bc, year 289 million bc.

uppercase letter : majuscule.

upward writing : Cf. Ogham.

ur- : [Gk] tail.

ur- : [Gk] urine.

ur : [Ir] earth.  This Irish word ur seems to share some root with the Latin words area ‘plot of earth,’ arvum ‘ploughed field,’ and urvare ‘demarcating the boundaries of a new city with a ceremonial plough.’  The word can be further associated with Homeric Greek ouron ‘boundary marked with a plough.’[6]

Ur Dynasty : [2670 bc] the Mesopotamian dynasty estimated to have commenced in 2670 bc.  Cf. Sargon I, year 2670 bc.

Ura : heather, corresponding to the bottom joint of the fool’s finger; the tree sacred to Scottish witches who joined in covens on the blasted heath.[7]

Ura : summer; the midsummer letter U.  The letter Ura connotes the furious and swaying tail of a lion or bear, or the serpentine coil of the cosmos full of summery vitality.

Ura-ana : Queen Ura, the probable predecessor of Uranus; the Mother of the Titans, who inspired the patristic Greeks to invent Uranus, Father of the Titans.[8]

uracil : [1909] a pyrimidine base that serves as one of the four bases that encode genetic information in the polynucleotide chain of RNA.  Cf. nucleotide.

uraeus : [Lt] ouraios [Gk], the royal serpent of Egypt. The serpent symbolizes all the snake-tailed winds of the world that recline and rest, coiled in circles, in the darkness of mountain caves.  When rampant and extended, the serpent stands for terrible power, emergent from the mountain cave.[9]  Cf. ouros.

Urana : Mother Earth, Goddess of the Lion’s Tail, Mountain Goddess, Queen of the Winds, Our Lady of Summer, Guardian Queen; Moon-cow, Ruler of Wild Oxen; the Goddess Buana [Ir].[10]

Urania : the Heavenly One, a classical title for Ana, or Ura-ana.

Uranian : a heavenly person; a homosexual.  The association with heaven was originally made by Plato in the speech of Pausanias in the Symposium,[11] and then reïterated by Jesus the Christ in Matthew.  Cf. Urning.

Uranian love : gayness.

Uranian Society : a German society that advocated homosexual rights.  Cf. Daughters of Bilitis, Mattachine Society.

Uranians : gay people, homosexuals; a term coined from Plato’s aphrodite ouranios.

Uranism : homosexuality.  Cf. Urningtum.

Uranisme : [Fr] Uranianism.[12]

Urano-Dioning : [Gm] an ambisexual.[13] Cf. Śiva-Parvati.

uranography : ouranographia : [1675 Gk] description of the heavens; celestials maps.  Uranography may also refer to a description of mythological gods, goddesses, and their interrelationships.  It may also serve as an oblique reference to heavenly love, or aphrodite ouranios.

Uranus : Ouranos : the thundergod, the god of weather and lightning and stormy change.[14]  Uranus was the son and incestuous husband of Gaia; the thundergod who represents heaven, transformation, and earthly incarnation of the heavenly.  Cf. Gaia, hurricane, Iansa [Macumba], Orunsen [Yoruba], Osa [Af], Ouriganos [west Af], Oya [Nigeria, Cuba], Yansa [Brazil], Yequa [PR], Zeus.

urbane : urbanus : civil, elegant, courteous.

urbanity : urbanitas [Lt] : urbanité [Fr] : civility, elegance, politeness; merriment, facetiousness.

urbs : city, a walled town.

-ure : act of.

uremia : blood in the urine.

Urenkel : [Gm] ChChSo; great-grandson.

Urenkelin : [Gm] ChChDa; great-granddaughter.

urethra : the passage for the urine.

urg- : erg- : [Gk] work.

Urgroßmutter : [Gm] PaPaMo; great-grandmother.

Urgroßvater : [Gm] PaPaFa; great-grandfather.

urina : cf. lotium.

urinal : a bottle used to keep a person’s water or urine for inspection.

urine : lotium.  It was an old Spanish custom to wash one’s teeth with urine.[15]  Cf. lotium.

urn : urna [Lt] : urne [Fr] : a vessel having a mouth narrower than its body; a vessel used to store the cremated remains of a human or animal body; a large waterpot, the symbol of Aquarius.

Urning : [1864-1879 Gm] Uranian, homosexual.[16]  Cf. Dioning.

Urning : a female soul inhabiting a male body, and loving a ‘true man.’

Urningtum : [Gm] Uranianism, homosexuality.[17]

urosopy : inspection of the urine.

Urovicum : York.

Urrunen : [2000-600 bc] the alphabetic forerunners of the runes.

urus : [Lt] ourus [Gk], wild ox.  The name can be associated with the Moon-cow, Ruler of Wild Oxen.[18]  Cf. ur, Urana.

urvare : to mark the boundaries of a new city with a plough.  Cf. ur.

urves : urbes : cities.  Cf. ur.

us : the oblique case of we.

usance : usury, interest paid for money; a period of time specified in a bill of exchange as a grace period for payment; use, proper employment.

use : usus : the act of employing something for any purpose; usage, customary act; interest, a fee paid for the use of money.

useless seed : kathybristeon.

user : one who uses.

user name : [1990] the initial part of an e-mail address; whatever appears before the at-sign @ in an electronic message.  E.g.,  Cf. address.

usher : husher : huissier : [Fr] one who introduces strangers; one who walks before a person of high rank; underteacher, teaching assistant.

ushers : hostiarii, the lesser functionaries of a household.

usucapio : use, ownership acquired by length of possession.  Cf. patria potestas.

usufruct : usufruit : [Fr] temporary use; enjoyment of profits from use.

usufructuary : usufructuarius [Lt] : usufructuaire [Fr] : one who enjoys the temporary use and profit of something without making it his property.

usurer : usura [Lt] : usurier [Fr] one who loans money at interest; loanshark, one who demands an exorbitant rate of interest.

usurper : one who seizes something to which he has no right; one who excludes the rightful heir from the throne.

usury : [1254] charging interest on money loaned.  Philip II attempted to regulate interest rates, but Louis IX completely forbade usury.  The Roman church imposed excommunication as a penalty for usury, and then denied Christian burials to usurers.  Usury was made a reserved sin that could only be absolved by a bishop or papal legate.[19]

usury : Cf. Council of Vienne.

usury : usura : interest, money paid for the use of money; charging interest.

usus : use, common marriage, cohabitation with the intention of forming a marriage.  Cf. confarreatio, coëmptio.

ut : how, as; in what manner; in the manner of.

ut antea : as before.

ut supra : as above.

ut supra dixi : as said above.

uterine : uterinus [Lt] : uterin [Fr] : belonging to the womb; born of the same mother but of different fathers.  Cf. sabuah parui, samandai.

uterine descent : matrilineal descent.  Opp. agnatic descent, patrilineal descent.

uterine halfbrother : MoSo; halfbrothers sharing the same mother.  Opp. heterozygous halfbrothers.

uterine kin : matrikin, matrilineal kin; a class of cognates.  Opp. agnates.

uterine nephew : SiSo, the ego’s sister’s son.

uterine relatives : enatic relatives, the kin related to the ego through his mother.  Cf. enatic relatives, matrilineal relatives.  Opp. agnatic relatives.

uterine stepsister : MoDa; stepsister born of the same womb.  Opp. paternal stepsister.

uterine type : Mo; Mutter; gynē.[20]

uterine wall : Cf. implantation.

uterque humatus : both buried, each of the two buried.[21]

uterus : [1615] womb; an organ of a female mammal that contains the young during embyonic and fetal development, and provides the young with nourishment; belly, a womb and fetus, unborn child, pregnancy.  Cf. menstruation, ovulation, pregancy.

uterus : [Republic] womb, belly.  Cf. vulva.

utrolocal residence : living at the home or village of one or the other spouse.  The word utrolocal differs from ambilocal, in that utrolocal implies that the couple’s choice of residence cannot be easily changed.  Cf. ambilocal, residence rules.

utrum : assize of utrum.

ux. : uxor : wife.  Opp. maritus.

uxor : vxor : ux. : vx. : Wi, Sp; wife, spouse.  Cf. subnuba.

uxor iusta : lawful wife.

uxor more Danico : wife by Danish custom.

uxor prima : first wife.[22]

uxor secunda : second wife.

uxoral : Wi; pertaining to one’s wife.  The adjectives uxoral and nuptial can be used to denote persons relative to one’s wife.  Cf. kin types.  Opp. marital.

uxoratus : married.

uxorem ducere : to take a wife, get married.

uxorem ducere in matrimonium : to take a wife in matri­mony..

uxorem duxit : he married a wife, took a wife.

uxorem re­pudiare : to divorce, to refuse, reject, disdain (his wife).

uxores duxit : he married [plural] wives.

uxores eodem iure sunt quo viri : wives themselves have the same rights as their husbands.

uxorilocal marriage : Wi & Hu; a marriage wherein the hus­band moves to the wife’s house, or the couple lives with the wife’s lineage.  This phrase has a broader meaning than matrilocal marriage.  Cf. matrilocal marriage, patrilocal marriage.  Opp. virilocal marriage.

uxorilocal residence : living in the natal home or village of the wife.  The alternative word matrilocal is disfavored, because it restricts the meaning to ‘mother.’  Cf. residence rules.

uxorious : uxorius : submissively fond of one’s wife; infected with connubial dotage.[23]

uxoriously : with fond submission to one’s wife.

uxoriousness : connubial dotage; submission to a wife.

uxoris mee : my wife.

Uzume : [Jp] a Japanese amazon.[24]

Uzume : 3Dl : [Jp] Terrible Female of Heaven; the Mirth Goddess, Ame no Uzume no Mikoto, ancestress of the Kimi women of the Sarume clan;[25] the Japanese version of the trickster goddess.  When Amaterasu shut herself inside the weaver’s cave, it was Uzume who exposed her breasts and genitalia in an erotic dance to coax out Amaterasu.  The pantomimic dance called kagura is said to have derived from Uzume’s dance, and is performed in Shinto shrines.[26] 

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