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La Borderie, A. Le Moyne de, and B. Pocquet.

1913 Histoire de Bretagne. 5 volumes. Rennes, 1896-1913.

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Leland, John (circa 1506-1552), English antiquary who toured England and Wales searching for records, manuscripts, and relics of antiquity.

1549 The Itinerary of John Leland the Antiquary ... One of the earliest versions was published and sold on Fleet Street, 1549. 3d edition, printed from Hearne’s corrected copy in the Bodleian Library, 9 volumes in 5. Oxford: J. Fletcher and J. Pote, 1770. [Illustrations, plates, maps, facsimiles. Briggs 1983: 128. DA610.L53.]

1552 Joannis Lelandi Antiquarii de Rebvs Britannicis Collectanea. Cvm Thomæ Hearnii præfatione notis et indice ad aditionem primam. Editio altera ... Accedunt de rebvs englicanis opvscvla varia è diversis codd. mss. descripta et nunc primum in lucem edita. First published, 1612. 6 volumes. Londini: impensis Gvl. & J. Richardson, 1770. [Illustrated, folded plates, maps, 21.5cm. DA90.L53] Londini: apud Benj. White, 1774. [HL: 2, 9. DA90.L56]

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L’Estrange, Reverend Alfred Guy Kingham.

1871 The Literary Life of the Rev. William Harness, Vicar of All Saints, Knightsbridge, and Prebendary of St. Paul’s. London: Hurst. [ix, 313 pages, octavo. Nx.2122.]

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le Strange, Alice Styleman (1845-1886).

1871 Ground plan of Hunstanton Hall - (less Gatehouse & wings beyond) drawn to scale 1871. Le Strange Collection, 24, i.

L’Estrange, C. James (died 1947), wrote works in collaboration with George Herbert Ely, under the pseudonym Herbert Strang, q.v. [Louis 1971: 8.401]

Lestrange, Charles.

1862-1863. Naval Log as Midshipman. [FR]

1868-1876. Naval Journal. [Family Documents, Box 39b]

Lestrange, Dame Elizabeth, v. Edward Coke. Exchequer Deposition by Commission, 2 & 3 Jac II, 1686-1688. Record of a suit against Edward Coke "as to selling books, etc., at Hunstanton Hall."

Lestrange, Dom Augustin de, abbé de la Trappe, s.v. de Lestrange, Louis-Henri.

L’Estrange, E.C.

1929 Witch Trials and Witch Hunting. [Anna Korn 1995/6/14]

L’Estrange, Sir George B.

1873 Recollections of Sir George B. L’Estrange, Late of the 31st Regiment, and Afterwards in the Scots Fusilier Guards, with Heliotype Reproductions of Drawings by Officers of the Royal Artillery: The Peninsular War. London: Sampson Low, Marston, Low, & Searle, Crown Buildings, 188, Fleet Street.

le Strange, Guy.

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1926 Travels of Tamerlane of the 14th Century: Samarkand, Tibet, Russia. London. Ex libris Peter Franz, 1994.

le Strange, Hamon, II (died circa 1362), Esq.

1328-1352. Hunstanton Hall Household Accounts, qq.v.

le Strange, Sir Hamon, IV (1583-1654), Kt., of Hunstanton.

1653-1654. Hunstanton Hall Household Accounts, qq.v.

L’Estrange, Hamon (1605-1660), of Pakenham.

1655 The Reign of King Charles, an History faithfully and impartially delivered and disposed into Annals. First edition published anonymously. Second revised and somewhat enlarged edition ‘by Hamon L’Estrange’ printed in London: F.L. and J.G. for H. Seile (etc.), 1656.

1659 The Alliance of Divine Offices, exhibiting all the Liturgies of the Church of England since the Reformation, as also the late Scotch Service Book, with all their respective variations, and upon them all annotations; vindicating the Book of Common Prayer from the main objections of its adversaries, explicating many parcels thereof not hitherto understood, showing the conformity it beareth with the Primitive Practice, and giving a fair prospect into the Usages of the Ancient Church. Dedicated to Christopher, Lord Hatton. 1st edition, London, 1659. Second edition, 1690. 3d edition with six additional offices prefixed, 1699. Reissued at Oxford, 1846. [Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology, Oxford.] Reprint, AMS Press.

le Strange, Hamon, Styleman, M.A., F.S.A. (1840-1919).

1862-1916. s.v. Hunstanton Hall Household Accounts.

1872 "The Manuscripts of Hamon Styleman le Strange, Esq., of Hunstanton Hall, co. Norfolk." Signed by Alfred J. Horwood. Great Britain Historical Manuscripts Commission, 3d report. London. Volume 8, Appendix, 271-274. [New York Public Library AC39-2323; DA25.M1, vol. 8] This catalog includes a description of court rolls at Hunstanton. Hamon le Strange (1916: 152) says of this article that, "An inadequate examination of these muniments was made in 1871 by the late Mr. Alfred J. Horwood, who only devoted part of two days to it ... "

1888 "Calendar of the Papers at Hunstanton Hall." In "The Manuscripts of the Duke of Leeds, the Bridgewater Trust, Reading Corporation, the Inner Temple, &c." Great Britain Historical Manuscripts Commission, 11th report. London: Printed for Her Majesty’s Stationary Office by Eyre and Spottiswoode. Appendix, 93-118. [AC39-2752; DA25.M2L3]

ca 1898. Le Strange Pedigree. A heraldic version of Roger L’Estrange’s pedigree of 1686, continued through the children of Hamon Styleman Le Strange. This document may not be in Hamon’s handwriting, but it was prepared under his direction. Le Strange Collection, OD5.

ca 1900. Notes on the History of the Knights of St. John. [HA]

ca 1900. Notes from History Books. [HC]

ca 1900. 20th century copies of Le Strange pedigrees. [Le Strange Collection, BE.]

1903 Lecture on Traces of Early Man in Hunstanton. [HA]

HL Hamon le Strange’s opus 1916, below.

1916 Le Strange Records: A Chronicle of the Early Le Stranges of Norfolk and the March of Wales A.D. 1100-1310, with the Lines of Knockin and Blackmere Continued to their Extinction. London: Longmans, Green and Co. [Abbreviated HL. Excluding the bindings, 500 copies of the text were printed for £187:4s:11d, and plates for the same were reproduced for £29:12s:0d. Wood 1995/2/15.]

—— [Lestrange Records, Item 1063. Photocopy, flex. Vinyl covers, $82.50. Tuttle Antiquarian Books, 1997.]

1919 Le Strange Pedigree. Hamon’s genealogical notebook in manuscript. Le Strange Collection, LC1/2.

Le Strange, Henry, of Moystown, Ireland.

1759 Letter from Henry to Hunstanton. [NC9]

le Strange, Henry L’Estrange Styleman (1815-1862).

ca 1825. LeStrange pedigree Hunstanton branch, Edw II-Vic. In Le Strange Collection, EQ.

1832-1862. Accounts, s.v. Hunstanton Hall Household Accounts.

1840 Case of Henry L’Estrange Styleman le Strange, claiming entitlement to the Barony of Hastings. [Folio, 47 pages. JDS3: vi]

ca 1850. Le Strange pedigree, paper, in 2 parts, 19th century. Le Strange Collection, OD4.

L’Estrange, John (1836-1877).

1874 The Church Bells of Norfolk: Where, When, and by Whom They Were Made; With the Inscriptions on All the Bells in the County. Norwich: Miller and Leavins. [255 pages, illustrated. New York Public Library.]

1888 Calendar of Freemen of Norwich from 1317 to 1603 (Edw II to Elizabeth inclusive). Edited by Walter Rye. London: Elliot Stock, 62, Paternoster Row, E.C., 1888. [87, John LeStraunge, no trade listed, 12 Edw II. 132, John le Strange, no trade listed, 12 Edw II. 155 pages. New York Public Library, 25-19803; CS436.N69.]

le Strange, Sir Nicholas, I (1514-1580), Kt., of Hunstanton.

1519-1578. s.v. Hunstanton Hall Household Accounts and Sir Thomas le Strange, below.

le Strange, Sir Nicholas, III (1604-1655), 1st Baronet of Hunstanton.

ca 1635. Short Notes for my Son’s Profit. [NE2]

ca 1640. Fragment of a notebook of Nicholas Le Strange, containing notes of sermons, extracts from Machiavelli on Kingship, etc. [NC11, labeled "miscellaneous family papers"]

1640. Catalogue of the Hunstanton Hall Library. [NE1, marked P22]

ca 1655. Merry Passages and Jeasts [abbreviated NL]. A collection of 604 anecdotes by Sir Nicholas with some additions, possibly by his grandson Sir Nicholas L’Estrange (1661-1724), 4th Baronet of Hunstanton. The manuscript is cataloged as Harleian MS. 6395 in the British Museum. For printed editions see Thoms 1839 and Lippincott 1974. P.J. Willetts and R.W. Ketton-Cremer have also studied this work.

L’Estrange, Sir Nicholas, IV (1632-1669), 3d Baronet of Hunstanton.

1665 LeStrange, Calthorpe and Royal pedigree 1665. Sir Nicholas’ wife, Anne Lewkenor, had a sister who married James Calthorpe. From the time of this marriage, the families of L’Estrange and Calthorpe became rather intimate. The grandson of the compiler of this pedigree, Sir Nicholas L’Estrange (1661-1724), was entrusted with the guardianship of Sir Christopher Calthorpe, and the great-grandson, Sir Thomas L’Estrange (1689-1751), married Anne Calthorpe, daughter and heir to Sir Christopher Calthorpe. The unusual design of this pedigree lies in the fact that certain L’Estrange-Calthorpe marriages are not actually shown. Rather, there are empty spaces below the names of Sir Nicholas L’Estrange and James Calthorpe, as if some mixture of their lineages was intended in the future. Le Strange Collection, OD2.

L’Estrange, Sir Nicholas, V (1661-1724), 4th Baronet of Hunstanton.

1679-1724. Hunstanton Hall Household Accounts, qq.v.

1700a. Le Strange pedigree c. 1700. Le Strange Collection, OD2a.

1700b Le Strange pedigree, with endorsements 1700. A heraldic pedigree, transcribed from a draft made by "my Uncle Roger Lestrange of Hoe," and endorsed with tomb inscriptions, and transcriptions of the Grant from Maximilian (1565), etc. HMR: OD.3.

1722 Will of Nicholas Le Strange. A copy. [LC2]

L’Estrange, Perceval Hastings

1907 Editor. Philip’s Progressive Atlas of Comparative Geography. London: G. Philip & Son. [148 pages, 69 color maps, quarto. NSL 0020625 DLC. National Union Catalog Pre-1956 Imprints Supplement.]

1910 Editor. A Progressive Course of Comparative Geography on the Concentric System. 5th edition, revised. London: G. Philip. [48 pages, figures, diagrams, maps. Ge.FF.12310]

Lestrange, Robert. Pseudonym of A. Ficatiez.

1910 Cléopàtre, pièce moderne en 4 actes, en prose. Performed in Paris at Salle Récamier on 1910/4/27. Paris: A. Alcan-Lévy. [54 pages. Yth.33560]

1911 Le Miroir enchanté, poésies. Preface by Mme Lucie Delarue-Mardrus. Paris: E. Figuière. [240 pages. Ye.8274]

1915. Lettres de héros (1914-1915), recueilles par Robert Lestrange. Paris: Kugelmann. [191 pages. Lh4.2748]

1918 Petite monographie du mot "Boche". Preface by Camille Le Senne. Paris: E. Figuière. [40 pages. X.Pièce.2642]

1920 Flots d’héroisme: quelques belles histoires de la Grande Guerre, par Robert Lestrange. Paris: Dinard, l’Edition libre. [77 pages. Ye.9995]

1922. L’Enfant pauvre, roman (1850-1871), orné d’une similigravure d’après le tableau de Jean Geffroy. Paris: chez l’auteur [at the home of the author], 118, rue Nollet (XVIIe).

L’Estrange, Roger, the purported adventurer supposed to have accompanied Hernando de Soto to Florida in 1539. The spelling L’Estrange does not predate 1636 or 1640, and therefore the autobiography of Roger L’Estrange has been deemed to be a fake. Cf. Dominick Daly (1834-1910), Cecil L’Estrange Ewen 1939.

L’Estrange, Sir Roger, Kt. (1616-1704). A journalist and pamphleteer. He served as surveyor of printing presses and licenser of the press from 1663-1688. He attacked John Milton, the Whigs, Titus Oates, dissenters, and many others by means of his publications.

ca 1640. Machiavel’s Advice to his Son, newly Translated out of the Italian into English verse by R.L. See Sir Nicholas le Strange III opus ca 1640.

1645-1646. A Hymn to Confinement, written at Newgate Prison. Represented as ‘an MS. poem said to be by Sir Roger L’Estrange’, posthumous edition, 1705. Quoted at length by Miss Mitford, Recollections of a Literary Life, 1859: 276. See Roxburghe Ballads, 4.222.

1647/4/7. L’Estrange, His Appeal from the Court Martial to the Parliament.

1648-1651. Publisher. A series of Royalist pamphlets issued from Holland.

1649 L’Estrange, His Vindication to Kent and the Justification of Kent to the World.

1659 The Appeal in the Case of the Late King’s Party. Perhaps identical to Collections for the King, which Winstanley persistently included in his lists. Ascribed to L’Estrange by Catalogue of the British Museum Library.

1659 A Plea for Limited Monarchy. Doubtfully ascribed to L’Estrange by Oldys, Har. Misc., 1744: 1. Neither the moderate tone of the piece nor the style are characteristic of L’Estrange.

1660/4 No Blinde Guides, in Answer to a Seditious Pamphet of J. Milton’s Intituled: "Brief Notes upon a Sermon titl’d: the Fear of God and the King ..." Addressed to the Author". This is L’Estrange’s attack on John Milton, who served as Latin Secretary to the Council of State until 1660, and who later became the celebrated author of Paradise Lost (1667).

1660/6/10. L’Estrange, His Apology, With a Short View of Some Late and Remarkable Transactions, Leading to the Happy Settlement of these Nations under the Government of Our ... Soveraign Charls [sic] the II ... by R.L.S. [Roger L’Estrange]. London: H. Brome. [159 pages. Nc.1178(1)]

1660/9. A Rope for Pol, or The Hue and Cry after M. Nedham. An anthology of Nedham’s Republican excesses. J.B. Williams ascribed it saying ‘no doubt by him’, English Historical Review, 1908/4.

1661a Interest Mistaken, or the Holy Cheat, Proving, from the Undeniable Practises and Positions of the Presbyterians, that the Design of that Party is to Enslave Both King and People Under the Masque of Religion, by Way of Observation Upon a treatise, intitulated: "The Interest of England and the Matter of Religion, etc..." by Roger L’Estrange. London: H. Brome, 1662. [148 pages. Nc.1187] Fourth edition, 1682.

1661b A Caveat to the Cavaliers. First edition, 1661/7. Second edition, enlarged, 1661/8/13.

1661c A Modest Plea both for the Caveat and the Author of it. First edition, 1661/8/28. Second edition, 1661/9/17.

1661d The Relaps’d Apostate, or notes upon a Presbyterian pamphlet entitled ‘A Petition for Peace.’ First edition, 1661/11/14. Second edition, 1681.

1661e State Divinity or a supplement to the Relaps’d Apostate. 1661/11.

1661f To the Earl of Clarendon, the Humble Apology of Roger L’Estrange. 1661/12/3.

1662a The Parallel or Semper Idem. Second edition, 1682. Reprint, Har. Misc., 4.398.

1662b A Whipp, a Whipp for the Schismatical Animadverter on the Bp. of Worcester’s Letter. 1662/2/7.

1662c A Memento, directed to all those that truly reverence the memory o King Charles the Martyr, dedicated to Clarendon. First edition, 1662/4/11. Second edition, entitled A Memento, treating of the Rise, Progress, and Remedies of Seditions, 1682.

1662d Truth and Loyalty Vindicated from the reproaches and clamours of Ed. Bagshawe. 1662/6/7.

1663a Anonymously. Presbytery Displayed for the Justification of such as do not like the Government, and for the benefit of those who do not understand it. First drafted as The Platform of Presbytery, 1644. Refurbished by L’Estrange, 1663, but ascribed to another. Second edition, 1681. "It came to my hand with the authority of a very judicious and honourable person, whose name should now warrant it to the public," fourth edition, corrected 1681.

1663b Toleration Discuss’d, by Roger L’Estrange, in two dialogues. London: H. Brome. [iv, 108 pages. Nf.205] Third edition, 1681. An inventory of the library of Edmund Berkeley, Esquire, of Middlesex County, VA, was made on 1718/3/3, and it included a copy of Toleration discuss’d. [VMHB, 35.37]

1663c Considerations and Proposals in order to the Regulation of the Press. 1663/6/3.

1663-1665. Publisher. The Intelligencer, published for the satisfaction and information of the people. A monday weekly which commenced on 1663/8/31. Copies are preserved in the Public Record Office.

1663-1666. Publisher. The News. A thursday weekly, published from 1663/9/3 to 1665’6/1/29.

1665 Publisher. The Public Intelligencer. A weekly gazette which replaced the Intelligencer on 1665/11/28.

1665-1666. Theosebia or the Church’s Advocate. Ascribed to L’Estrange in Catalogue of the Advocates’ Library, Edinburgh. In style, method, and publication it is quite different from L’Estrange’s work.

1666/1. The Kingdom’s Intelligencer (Newsbook), 1663/8/28-1666/1.

1667. Translator. Quevedo. The Visions of Don Francisco de Quevedo Villegas, Knight of the Order of St. James (The Vision of Quevedo). Licensed 1667/3/26. Published 1667. [6d] 3d edition, London, 1668. Reprint, Francisco de Quevedo y Villegas, 1580-1645, New York: E.P. Dutton & Co., 1926. 868/Q39d.

1667/11. Dolus an Virtus? The motto, pressmark, and style almost certainly identify it as L’Estrange’s. Anthony Wood’s copy, Bodleian Library, B.14, 15, Linc.

1672. Translator. A Guide to Eternity, Extracted Out of the Writings of the Holy Fathers and Ancient Philosophers, by John Bona, by Giovanni Bona. Published 1672. Second edition, 1680/5. Fourth edition, London, 1694. [D.26324]

1674. A Discourse of the Fishery, Briefly Laying Open Not Only the Advantages and Facility of the Undertaking, but Likewise the Absolute Necessity of It, Asserted, and Vindicated from All Material Objections, by Sir Roger L’Estrange. First printing, 1674. Reprint, London: C. Brome, 1695. [20 pages. Vp.8058]

1677. Translator. Five Love Letters from a [Portuguese] Nun to a [French] Cavalier, from the French. Licensed 1677/12/28. Published 1678. Second edition, 1693. French and English ‘second’ edition, 1693. Reprint, London, 1693.

—— Love Letters Between a Nobleman and His Sister ... The Amours of Philander and Sylvia, Being the Third and Last Part of the Love Letters Between a Nobleman and his Sister. Sometimes attributed to Roger L’Estrange; but more frequently to Behn. 5th edition, 3 parts in 1 volume, London: D. Brown, 1718. [Y2.49715] 6th edition, 3 volumes, 1721. [Z.16358-16360]

1678. Translator. The Gentleman Pothecary; a True Story, Done out of the French. A volume of ‘curious indecency’. Second edition, London: Curll, 1726.

1678 The Parallel, or An Account of the Growth of Knavery. Anonymous, 1678. An Account of the Growth of Knavery, Under the Pretended Fears of Arbitrary Government and Popery, A Parallel betwixt the Reformers of 1677 and Those of 1641, in their Methods and Designs, in a Letter to a Friend. Second edition, London: H. Brome, 1679. [72 pages. Nc.1252]

1678 Tyranny and Popery, Lording it over both King and People. Second edition, 1680/5. [1s]

1678 The Reformed Catholique or The True Protestant. Second edition, 1680/5. [6d]

1678/12. Translator. Seneca’s Morals, by Way of Abstract ... Published 1678/12. Second edition, 1680. Fourth edition, 3 parts in 1 volume, "to which is added a discourse, under the title of: an After thought, by Sir R. L’Estrange," London: W. Freeman (R. Bentley), 1688. [R.17935] Fifth edition, 1693. Seventh edition, 1722. 12th edition, London: J. and T. Dormer, 1735. [xviii, 396 pages, table, plate. R.17936] 14th edition, London: G. Strahan, 1739. Reprint, London: J. Thomason, 1764. Reprint, London: J. Prentiss, 1806.

1679/10. The Freeborn Subject, or the Englishmen’s Birthright asserted against all Tyrannical Usurpations either in Church or State. Second edition, 1680/5. [6d]

1679/11. The History of the Plot, or a Brief Historical Account of the Charge and Defence of Ed. Coleman, Esq., etc. [Folio, 2s 6d]

1679/11. The Case put concerning the Succession of H.R.H., the Duke of York. Second edition, 1680/5. [6d]

1679/11. An Answer to the Appeal from the Country to the City.

1679/11. Translator. Twenty Select Colloquies of Erasmus Roterodamus, pleasantly representing several superstitious Levities that were crept into the Church of Rome in his days, November 1679, translated out of the Latin. Second edition with two added, 1689. Issued with Tom Browne’s additional seven and Life of Erasmus, 1709. Reprint, London: Chapman & Dodd, 1923. [244/Er15t]

ca 1680. The Spanish Polecat or the Adventures of Seniora Ruefina, in four books, being a detection of the Artifices used by such of the Fair Sex as are more at the Purses than the Hearts of their Admirers. A translation of a work by Don Alonso de Castillo Sovorcano (Castillo Solorzano). Commenced perhaps in 1680, and completed by Ozell, 1717. London: Curll, 1717. Reissued as Spanish Amusements, 1727.

1680. Discovery Upon Discovery, in Defence of Dr Oates Against B.W.’s Libellous Vindication of Him, in His Additional Discovery, and in Justification of L’Estrange Against the Same Libell, in a Letter to Dr Titus Oates, by Roger L’Estrange. London: H. Brome. [38 pages. Nc.1317]

1680. A Further Discovery of the Plot, Dedicated to Dr Titus Oates, by Roger L’Estrange. Second edition. London: H. Brome. [33 pages. Nc.1316]

1680 L’Estrange’s Case, in a Civil Dialogue Betwixt Zekiel and Ephraim. London: H. Brome. [32 pages. Nc.1319]

1680 Lestrange’s Narrative of the Plot, Set Forth for the Edification of H.M. liege-people. London: H. Brome. [34 pages. Nc.1315]

1680. A Short Answer to a Whole Litter of Libellers, by Roger L’Estrange. London: H. Brome. [17 pages. Nc.1318]

1680/2/27. Citt and Bumpkin in a Dialogue over a Pot of Ale. Fourth edition.

1680/5. A Further Discovery of the Plot dedicated in a letter to Dr Titus Oates. Third edition.

1680/5. A Seasonable Memorial in some Historical Notes upon the Liberties of the Presse and Pulpit. Third edition.

1680/5. Citt and Bumpkin, second part. Third edition, 1680/6.

1680/5. Discovery upon Discovery.

1680/5. The Committee or Popery in Masquerade. Anonymous broadside, accompanied by a verse entitled The Explanation. [6d]

1680/5. A Narrative of the Plot. Third edition, 1680/6.

1680/5. Tully’s Offices. 3 books. Sixth edition revised by John Leng, Bishop of Norwich.

1680/6. A Short Answer to a Whole Litter of Libellers.

1680. The Casuist Uncas’d or Richard and Baxter in a Dialogue.

1680/10. L’Estrange, His Appeal, humbly submitted to the King and the Three Estates of Parliament.

1680/10. L’Estrange’s Case in a Civil Dialogue between Zekiel and Ephraim.

1681 Notes upon Stephen College, Grounded Principally upon his own Declarations and Confessions, and Freely Submitted to Publique Censure, by Roger L’Estrange. Second edition, London: J. Brome, 1681. [ii, 48 pages. Nc.1333]

1681 The Character of a Papist in Masquerade, Supported by Authority and Experience, in Answer to the Character of a Popish Successor, by Roger L’Estrange. London: H. Brome. [85 pages. Nc.1330]

1681 A Reply to the Second Part of "the Character of a Popish Successor", by Roger L’Estrange. London: J. Brome. [34 pages. Nc.1331]

1681 L’Estrange No Papist Nor Jesuite, Discussed in a Short Discourse Between Philo-L’Estrange and Pragmaticus. London: H. Brome. [18 pages. Nc.1332]

1681 The Shammer Shamm’d, in a Plain Discovery, under Young Tong’s Own Hand, of a Designe to Trepann L’Estrange into a Pretended Subornation Against the Popish Plot, by Roger L’Estrange. London: J. Brome. [41 pages. Nc.1334]

1681 A Word Concerning Libels and Libellers, Humbly Presented to the Right Honorable Sir John Moor, Lord-Mayor of London and the Right Worshipfull the Aldermen, his Brethren, by Roger L’Estrange. London: J. Brome. [13 pages. Nc.1329]

1681. Translator. An Apology for the Protestants. A translation of Apologie pour les protestants (Amsterdam, 1681). London. [D2.1618]

1681-1683. Publisher. The Observator. A weekly newspaper. Numbers 1 (1681/4/13) through 470 (1683/1/9). London: J. Brome. [Fol.Nd.85]

1681/2. Heraclitus Ridens, by John Flatman. London: Ben Tooke, 1681/2. Ascribed to L’Estrange by Scott, who quoted No. 50 ‘A Castigation of Settle’, Dryden, 9.374, and the Bodleian Catalogue. L’Estrange may have made suggestions to the author, but the text is more jovial than anything L’Estrange would have written. Ben Tooke was prosecuted for having published it, in 1681. L’Estrange was not referred to in duodecimo reprint, 1713.

1681/5. L’Estrange no Papist nor Jesuite (1680-1681).

1681/5. A Letter to Dr Ken at the Hague dated 1st February 1680-1.

1681/4. Dissenter’s Sayings in requital for L’Estrange’s Sayings, Part I.

1681/4/13. The Observator in Dialogue.

1681/5. An Apology for the French Protestants, 4 parts, Done out of the French into English, by Roger L’Estrange. Published 1681/5. First advertized in The Observator, 1681/8/2 and 1681/8/13: 1.42.

1681/8/29. Dissenters’ Sayings, Part II. 1681/11. [1s]

1681/9/2. The Reformation Reformed, occasioned by Frank Smith’s yesterday’s Paper of Votes.

1681/9. Notes upon Stephen Colledge. Second editon, 1681/11.

1681/11. The Character of a Papist in Masquerade in reply to [Settle’s] Character of a Popish Successor.

1681/11. A Reply to the Second part of The Character of a Popish Successor (The Character of a Popish Successor, complete).

1681/12. A Word concerning Libels and Libellers humbly presented to the Rt. Hon. Sir J. Moore.

1682 Reflections on a Pamphlet stiled ‘A Just and Modest Vindication of the Two Last Parliaments’, actually by Ed Bohun. See Bohun’s Address to the Freeholders, 1682: 3.

1682 Remarks on the Growth and Progress of Nonconformity. London: Walter Kettilby, 1682. [55 pages. 274.2/L643]

1682/2 The Shammer Shammed.

1682/5 The Accompt Clear’d, in answer to A True Account from Chichester concerning the Death of Habin the Informer.

1683 The Lawyer Outlawed. A brief answer to Mr Hunt’s Defence of the Charter. Hunt’s work was entitled Defence of the City’s Right. Advertized in Nat Thompson’s One Hundred and Eighty-three Loyal Songs, 1683. Ascribed to L’Estrange in Catalogue of the Advocates’ Library, Edinburgh, but actually quite different from L’Estrange’s style.

1683/6. Considerations upon a Printed Sheet entituled The Speech of the late Lord Russell.

1684 Translator. Offices by Marcus Tullius Cicero. London. [E.1512]

1683 Le Non-conformiste Anglois dan ses écris [sic], dans ses Sentimens et dans sa pratique, pièce très-nécessaire pour tous ceux qui vondront juger équitablement ... des causes de cette rébellion qui Ôta la vie à Sa Majesté Britannique ... recueille [sic] et traduite fidèlement de l’original anglois [The Dissenter’s Sayings] de M. L’Estrange. London: Sr H. Brome. [xxi, 75 pages. D2.1271(2) & Nc.1350]

1684* The Royal Apology, or An Answer to the Rebels’ Plea with a parallel between Doleman, Bradshaw, Sydney, and others of the true Protestant Party. Falsely scribed to L’Estrange in Catalogue of the Signet Library, Edinburgh. In that it was anonymous and that it attacked L’Estrange’s father-in-law Doleman, it cannot have been written by L’Estrange.

1685* La Conspiration faite contre le Roy Charles II. et son Frère. Paris. The translation contains too many ludicrous errors in spelling and names to have possibly been made by L’Estrange.

1685/12. The Observator Defended by the author of the Observator.

1687 Author of preface. Tasso’s Gerusalemme Liberata, translated by Fairfax.

1687 Translator. The Spanish Decameron, or Ten Novels Made English. Licensed 1686’7/2/17. Published, London, 1687. Third edition, London, 1712. [Y2.69578]

1687 An Answer to a Letter to a Dissenter, Upon Occasion of H.M. Late Gracious Declaration of Indulgence, by Sir Roger Lestrange, ... London: Printed for R. Sare. [50 pages. Nf.211]

1687 A Reply to the Reasons of the Oxford Clergy against Addressing. Somer’s Tracts, 9.38.

ca 1687 A Key to Hudibras. Butler’s Posthumous Works, 2 volumes, 1715: 2.

1687 Two cases submitted to consideration: (1) Of the necessity and exercise of a Dispensing Power. (2) The Mullity of any Act of State that clashes with the Law of God. S. Sht. Fol. 1687. Another edition, 1709. Somer’s Tracts, 9.36-38.

1687-1688. A Brief History of the Times, etc., in a preface to the 3d Volume of Observators. 3 parts in 1 volume. London: C. Brome (-R. Sare). [50 pages. Nf.211]

1689 Histoire de la conspiration faite contre Charles II, roy d’Angleterre, et Jaques II, son frère ... [par Roger L’Estrange.] Paris: R. Pepie. [164 pages. Rés. Z. Fontanieu.87(15)]

1691 Translator. Fables of Æsop and Other Eminent Mythologists, by Sir Roger L’Estrange, Kt. Fol. with portrait. According to Sir Sidney Lee, ‘the most extensive collection of Fables in existence’. Second edition, 1694. Other editions, 1699, 1704, 1712, 1724. French edition, 1714. Russian edition, 1760.

1692 Translator. Æsop of Phrygia: Fables of Æsop and Other Eminent Mythologists [Barlandus, Anianus, Abstemius, Poggius] ... London, 1692. [Yb.57] Second edition, 1694. Æsop of Phrygia: Fables and storyes moralized, being a second part of the Fables of Æsop and other emient mythologists ... Vol. II. Second edition, London, 1708. [Yb.2563] Æsopus: Twenty four fables of Æsop and other eminent mythologists (Æsop’s Fables) as rendered into English by Sir Roger L’Estrange, Knight, with illustrations after the etchings of Marcus Gheerærts the elder. Reprint, New York: E.P. Dutton, 1929. [NE2165/G35A3]

1694 The Third Book of Tacitus’ Histories.

1694 Translator, with Eachard. Terence, Six Comedies.

1694-1696. Translator? Plautus’ Comedies. He may have been ‘one of the hands’ in this work.

1699 Fables Moralised. Fables of Æsop & Other Eminent Mythologists, with Morals & Relections & Fables & Stories Moralized: Being a Second Part of the Fables of Æsop and Other Eminent Mythologists. Reprint, Gregg International Pubishers. [770 pages].

1702 Translator. The Works of Flavius Josephus compared with the original Greek. 2 volumes. Published 1702. Reprint, London, 1716. [H.6083-6084]

L’Estrange, Roger, of Hoe (1644-?).

1686 L’Estrange Pedigree. For copies of this work see Sir Nicholas L’Estrange 1700b, and Hamon le Strange circa 1898. [OC2]

le Strange, Sir Thomas (1494-1545), Kt., of Hunstanton.

1519-1545. s.v. Hunstanton Hall Household Accounts. Continued by Sir Thomas’ successor, Sir Nicholas (1515-1580). Extracts published as "Le Strange Household Accounts" in Archæologia, XXV (1833): 411-569. See Gurney 1833.

Le Strange, Thomas.

1722-1724. Notebook, containing diary and accounts. [LA1-37]

L’Estrange, Captain W.D.

1884 Under Fourteen Flags, Being the Life and Adventures of Brigadier-General MacIver, a Soldier of Fortune. 2 volumes. London: Tinsley. [portrait, figures. Nx.1912]

Le Strange Collection. Family papers in the custody of the County Archivist, Norfolk and Norwich Record Office, Central Library, Norwich, NORF, NOR 57E, England.

—— Undated deed of John le Strange IV. [HMR: AG.1. HL: 155]

—— Undated deed from Humfrey de Wiveleshoe to Geoffrey de Oiry of the advowson and collation of the church of St. Andrew of Great Ringstead. [HMR: FF.9. [HL: 150-151]

L’Estrange Family. Uncatalogued material on Daniel L’Estrange, later called Daniel Strang, of Rye and Yorktown, New York, kept in the vertical file in the New York Public Library. [APT-F]

"Le Strange Papers at Hunstanton Hall," VMHB, 22.421-422.

Le Strange pedigree, a volume of 19th century notes. In Le Strange Collection.

Lestranger, Marcel.

1909 Marcel Lestranger. Le Pli professionnel chez le magistrat. An extract from the Revue des idées, 1909/9/15. Paris: 26, rue de Condé, no date. [31 pages. Li5.477]

Lestranges, Claude & François.

1547 Orationes duæ de regia consecratione, a duobus nobilissimis adolescentibus, Francisco et Claudio Lestrangiis, fratribus, habitæ Lutetiæ, in gymnasio Præleorum, septimo calend. august. 1547. Paris: M. Davidis. [22 pages, figure. Rés.Lb31.10]

Lestranges, François, s.v. Lestranges, Claude and François.

Lestrangiis, Claudio, s.v. Lestranges, Claude and François.

Lestrangiis, Francisco, s.v. Lestranges, Claude and François.

Les Liguages d’Outremer. 2 volumes. In Assises de Jèrusalem. Paris: le Comte Beuguot, 1843. [8.448-449]

Letters of Protection. [HL: 80]

Lévesque, Ernest.

1901 Recherches sur la famille Lévesque de St. Maixent. Second edition. Saint-Maixent, 1901. 2 volumes in-8. [8’Lm3.210A. International Research 1996/3/15. Re: de Lestrange.]

LeVay, Simon, Ph.D.

1997 "Gay kids of gay parents: Is it genetic?" []

Liber Albus. In Calendar of Documents ... France.

Liber Feodorum, s.v. Testa de Nevill.

Liber Niger Scaccarii (‘Black Book of the Excequer’). Edited by W. Hearn. 2 volumes. 1771-1774. [144, 147. HL: 32, 37, 43.]

Liber Rubeus (‘Red Book’).

Liberate Rolls. [28 Hen III: 8; 30 October; 32 Hen III. 542-5, page 50b, no. 5; HL: 233.2.]

Lilleshall Chartulary. [Transcript of John le Strange II’s grant to Haughmond Abbey, 55, 93. Eyton: 10.26. HL: 35.8, 80.1.]

*Linacre, Thomas (circa 1460-1524), our English Grammarian, English humanist and physician, early champion of the New Learning, physician (1509-1520) to Henry VIII. [NL3: 579]

—— Translator. On the Natural Faculties by Galen (circa 130-circa 200).

—— Author. Grammatical treatises.

Lippincott, Henry Frederick, Jr.

1974 Editor. Merry Passages and Jeasts: A Manuscript Jestbook of Sir Nicholas Le Strange (1603-1655). Complete edition. Salzburg: Institut für Englische Sprache und Literatur. [List of Persons, 199-248. List of Places, 249-252. List of Expanded Forms, 253-254. List of References, 255-258. viii, 258 pages.

1977 "Merry Passages and Jeasts and Sir Nicholas L’Estrange." Library Chronicle, 41.2.149-162. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania.

List of Sheriffs for England and Wales. London: Public Record Office, 1898. Reprint, New York, 1963. [117]

Lit. Clau. [2.4a, 2.174a]

Lloyd Bible. [William Levi A. Strange, CROC 6.113126]

Lloyd Collection, Edward.

—— Edw I Tenure Roll. List of tenants in capite and sub-tenants in Shropshire, 1272-1307. [Coll. Top. and Gen.: 1.112, 1.115-120. HL: 186.2, 223.4, 225.4.]

Lodge, William Jacob Lodge, Dr., M.D. (obiit 1904).

1904 A Record of the Descendents of Robert and Elizabeth Lodge (English Quakers), 1682-1903. Written prior to 1904. Reprint, Geneva, NY: W.F. Humphrey Press, Inc., 1942. [Tennessee State Library. Dr. F. Fremont Fountain, Jr., 1997/10/13.]

Lord’s Report.

Louis, Rita Volmer.

1946-1980. Editor. Biography Index: A Cumulative Index to Biographical Material in Books and Magazines. 11 volumes. New York: The H.W. Wilson Company.

Lower Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary, edited by Edward Wilson James. 5 volumes. 1895-1906. [Indexed in Swem 1936. JDS3: viii.]

Lowie, Robert.

1948 Social Organization. New York: Hold, Rinehart and Winston.

Lumisden, Andrew, an Episcopalian who obtained an appointment in the Stuart household as an undersecretary (1750) among six secretaries, and later as sole secretary (1763) of James III, the Old Pretender to the throne of England and Scotland, at Muti Palace, Rome. ORKN.247, 251

1751-1773. Letter books. 14 or 15 volumes. [NKS: 38-39, 43, 86, 88]

1797 Remarks on the Antiquities of Rome and Its Environs, Being a Classical and Topographical Survey of the Ruins of that Celebrated City. [478 pages, bound in calf leather. NKS: 39, 91-97.]

Lynn Corporation Accounts. [HL: 180]

Lynn Corporation Muniments. [HL: 95]

Lyons Register. [1.442]

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