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Bibliography Proper for Extraneus


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1911 Strange: Biographical and Historical Sketches of the Stranges of America and Across the Seas (abbreviated ATS). Hillsboro, Illinois. Privately printed for A.T. Strange by The Hillsboro Journal sometime between May and October, 1911, this seminal work on Strange genealogy in America has been the foundation for several subsequent works, including Extraneus, and the writings of John Drake Strange III and George Garnett Strange. [Pagination commences from the book cover, 137 pages + viii back matter, photographs, oilcloth binding. CS71.S898 1911. Perhaps IGI Source 975.543.V2N, Printout 0883672.] For the purposes of annotation and indexing, the following copies and editions have been named.

Algian Edition (Algian ATS), the copy with copious handwritten corrections and interpolations by the author and many clippings added by his son Algy’s family, ex libris Colonel William Alexander Barton of San Antonio, Texas. [The earliest handwritten notation was dated 1911/10/18, and the last notation was dated 1947/11/21.]

Eurian Edition (Eurian ATS), the copy owned by his son Eury’s family, very sparsely annotated in pencil by Floy Belle Strange and her sister Myrtle Smith, ex libris John R. Mayer. [Few notes.]

Maddoxian Edition (Maddoxian ATS), a partial typescript without photographs, edited and indexed by Joseph T. Maddox, and printed as Section Two of George Garnett Strange’s work (Irwington, Georgia: 1974). [Section Two, i + 64 pages + v index. Section numbering is identical to original ATS; pagination differs.]

Hankins Edition (Hankins ATS), a series of reprints that continue to appear periodically in Mrs. Hankin’s newsletters.

1913 Gresham: Biographical and Historical Sketches of the Greshams of America and Across the Seas. Hillsboro, Illinois. An ‘Algian edition’ of this book likewise exists, and Colonel William A. Barton mailed a copy of it to the author on 1988/9/1; but pages 49-52 are missing. Like its Strange counterpart, the Algian book is annotated with corrections and amendments handwritten by A.T. Strange.

1918 Editor. History of Montgomery County. Volume II of Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois, edited by Newton Bateman, LL.D., and Paul Selby, A.M., and History of Montgomery County, edited by Alexander Taylor Strange. 2 volumes. Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company. An autobiographical sketch appears on pages 1164-1165 in which A.T. claims a Scottish ancestry to Strang of the Orkney Isles, through the Hunstanton le Stranges, and other Stranges in London. [xxiv + 574 pages]

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ca 1900 Oration: "Purpose in Life." A manuscript for oratory composed at Lincoln University (L.U.), written in a Mammouth Composition Book with an ornate cover, decorated with lilies and an Iron Cross. Nine pages at the beginning are cut out, but the text appears to begin properly, and we assume that the missing pages may have been his rough draft. The last two pages were torn out, causing the text to end abruptly with the words, "There must be no lingering on Idle Islands, no cruising about in Blissful Bays, no folding of the hands and relaxing of ... "

1900 Zoology: L.U. (Lincoln University), Fall 1900. Professor Oglesvee. Laboratory notes and drawings.

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Strange, Gaylord, Route 2, Box 328, Eldon, MO 65026-9543, 1993/3/1.

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—— Weather Summary, Hawaiian Area, 1926-1939. U.S. Office of Naval Operations.

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—— James Strange’s Journal & Narrative of the Commercial Expedition from Bombay to the Northwest Coast of America. Reprint, Ye Galleon, 1982. [142 pages]

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1970 Analytical Geometry & Calculus With Technical Applications. Wiley. [462 pages]

Strange, Sir John (1696-1754).

—— Sir John Strange, Andrew Wiggin, and six other gentlemen, a committee of the House of Representatives of the province of New Hampshire, petitioners and complainants. Against Jonathan Belcher, Esq., Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the said province, under His Majesty, respondent. New Hampshire [Colony] Assembly, House of Representatives.

Strange, J., Sir

Strange’s Reports. An inventory of Dabney Carr’s library in Virginia included a copy of Strange’s Reports, 2 volumes, valued at £1 10s. [VMHB, 2.225] The standard citation form for this work is the abbreviation ‘Strange,’ and it is commonly known in the United States as Strange’s English King’s Bench Reports. [Black’s Law Dictionary]

Strange, John Drake, III.

1965 The Cherished Heritage of Our Family. Tulsa, OK. [Mimeographed book, 130 pages, 10 illustrations.] Part One, the ancestry of the author’s great-grandmother, a Cherokee Indian. Part Two, the author’s descent from Alexander Strange of New Kent County, VA.

1968-now. Letters to John R. Mayer.

1972 Strange: A History of the Strange-LeStrange Family (abbreviated JDS3). Tulsa, OK: John Drake Strange III, 1972. Copyright 1974. [xii + 688 pages + xii bibliographic references, with 27 plates and illustrations, 29 cm. CS71.S898 1974; 74-193229; MARC. Confer ESQU, sub Edmund le Strange, where JDS3 perhaps corresponds to the secondary source for records labeled with IGI Batch Numbers 7920330.23 and 8514905.59, both dated before February 1988.]

Strange, Joseph.

1851 Editor. Dialogus miraculorum by Caesar of Heiterbach. Bonn. [Boswell 1980: 182.]

Strange, Julie M.

1987 Shock-Trauma Care Plans. Springhouse Publications. [382 pages, illustrations]

Strange, Lieutenant-Colonel L.A., D.S.O., M.C., D.F.C.

1933 Recollections of an Airman. London: John Hamilton Ltd. [Frontispiece]

Strange, L.R.

1980 Human Influences in African Pastureland Environments With Special Reference to the Arid and Semiarid Pastoral Regions of Eastern Africa. Unipub. [102 pages]

1980 An Introduction to African Pastureland Production with Special Reference to Farm and Rangeland Environments of Eastern Africa. Unipub. [204 pages]

Strange, Lewis Alexander Alloway (L.A.A.; 1878).

1911 The Strange Families Ancestral Notes: A Short Review, 1148-1862. La Fontaine, KS. [20 pages.]

1911 The Stranges and Their Names. Lafontaine, KS: 1911/2/28. Reprint, Maddoxian ATS: 65-66.

Strange, M. Robert, Boniface C. Strange, et al. M. Robert Strange, natus Robert Lewis Strange, alias Marcian Strange, a cousin of Father Bernard Lawrence Strange (1906-1987).

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Strange, Michael. Michael Strange was the pseudonym of Mrs. Leonard T. Thomas, second wife of John Barrymore from 1920 to 1928.

—— Clair de Lune, a play.

Strange, Nora Kathleen.

NKS Nora Kathleen Strange’s 1947 work, below.

1947 Jacobean Tapestry (abbreviated NKS). London & New York: Stanley Paul & Co., Ltd. [147 pages. Portrait of Lady Strange - Isabella, frontispiece. Portrait of Sir Robert Strange, facing 40. JACO, Figure 1, Sir Robert Strange, SIRROBT. Portrait of Sir Thomas Strange, facing 112. Portrait of Lady Strange - Louisa, facing 128. NE642.S8S8]

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Strange, The Honorable Robert (1796-1854), LL.D. (1840), Member of the North Carolina General Assembly (1822-1823 & 1826), Judge of Superior Court (1826-1836), U.S. Senator of NC (1836; resigned 1840).

---- 10 poems printed in Wood Notes by Mary Bayard Clarke.

---- Eoneguski; or, The Cherokee Chief. A novel.

1912 "The Music of the Heart" and "Earth’s Lullaby to Her Children", two poems in North Carolina Poems: Selected and Edited, with an Introduction, Notes and Biographical Sketches by Eugene Clyde Brooks. Raleigh, NC: The Mutual Publishing Company for North Carolina Education. [136-137. FAYE.]

Strange, Robert J. ‘Doctor Bob,’ M.D., of Central City, NE. In the mid 1980s, Dr. Strange reported to several genealogists that he was compiling an extremely large history of the Stranges in three or more volumes. In July 1988 he could not be contacted in Central City, and has apparently relocated.

Strange, Roderick.

1986 The Catholic Faith. Oxford University Press. [192 pages]

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1976 Illustrator. A Long Way Back by Neal Grace. Terrero, NM: Strange Grace Creative Arts.

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1985 Boss 429 Performance Mustang Style. Boss Performance. [100 pages]

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