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1309/8/8. John le Strange V died on or before this date; but he executed a Statutum (Statute Merchant Bond) of 1000 marks and placed it in the custody of the Prior of Wenlock, with the intention of providing his second eldest son Hamon with a suitably large inheritance. When John V died, his eldest son John VI succeeded to the 1000-mark obligation. [HMR: A4. HL: 256. Ingleby: 4-5.]

1309/9/6. At Shrewsbury. A deed stating that John le Strange VI undertook to enfeoff Hamon and his heirs the manor of Hunstanton before Christmas, in exchange for an enfeoffment of Hamon’s claim to his portion of the castle and manor of Knockin. The deed required that Hamon deposit a 1000-mark bond with the Prior of Wenlock as surety that Hamon would abide by the agreement. [HMR: A1. Transcript of Latin text with abbreviations extended, HL: 257-258. Ingleby: 1-2.]

ca 1309/10a. Covenant, made by Hamon to void the 1000-mark bond upon John VI’s transfer of the Hunstanton property.

ca 1309/10b. Bond for 1000 pounds (1/3 more in value than 1000 marks), executed by John le Strange VI and deposited with his cousin, John le Strange of Ercalewe, as surety for this transfer. [Described without precise citation, HL: 260-261. In discussing the de Ludlow family’s connection with this bond, HL cited Eyton 5.36-37, 7.58.]

1309/11/30. At Knockin. An Indented Deed granting the manor of Hunstanton to Hamon. [Two copies written on one parchment, cut by a wavy or ‘indented’ line into two parts, the ‘original’ and its ‘counterpart’ (hence, the term ‘indenture’). HMR: two identically worded parts of the indenture, A.2 & A.3. HL: 258-260; extended transcript, 260; photograph, plate VIII, facing 260. Ingleby: 1.3.]

1309/12/8. Covenant between Hamon and John VI stating that, in the event the enfeoffment of Hunstanton had not occurred by 1310/2/16, Hamon could recover the penalties of both the 1000-mark and the 1000-pound bonds. [HMR: A.4. Extended transcript, HL: 26-261. Ingleby: 1.4-5.]

1310/5/10. The Final Concord (finalis concordia) by which John le Strange VI actually conveyed the manor of Hunstanton to Hamon "in fee tail for a rose rent" ( ... per annum unam rosam ad festum Natiuitatis sancti Johannis Baptiste, ... ). [Original, deposited in the Feet of Fines of the Public Record Office, case 162, file 125, number 136. HMR: A.5; 2d copy, A.6. Extended transcript, HL: 262-263. Full translation, Ingleby: 1.6.]

Hunstanton Deeds, Grants and Settlements, 1310-1604. [HMR: Series A, Numbers A.1-A.73. Ingleby: 1.1-150.]

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