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Volume IV
Book XI
Strange of Blisland

Third edition published January 2007
Author: John R. Mayer
Edited by: Barbara Jean Way née Mayer
       and Floy Marie Mayer née Strange

Volume IV, Strange Virginians Peregrine, has been reserved for some rather grand lineages of English Stranges who settled in Virginia, as early as the seventeenth century. Having collected together many lines that seem to all be related to one another, and which all seem to have proceeded from one common colonial progenitor, this editor would like to believe that all the individuals discussed in Book XI, Strange of Blisland, and Book XII, Strange of the Carolinas, are related, and belong to the same Virginian phratry that first appeared in New Kent County, Virginia, with reliable records from 1689.

The Virginian families Strange arose from Alexander Strange, Senior (circa 1661-1725), and dispersed westward from the Jamestown area, finding farmlands along the James River and the Roanoke River. The Blisland families arose from Alexander’s third child, Alexander Strange, Junior (1691-1745), the father of the twins Joseph and Benjamin Strange, and they mostly migrated westward into Kentucky, and northwesterly into Indiana, and several other states. The twin brothers Joseph Strange, Senior (1716-1749), and Benjamin Strange, Senior (1716-1760), grandsons of Alexander Strange, Senior, founded most of the families described in Book XI, Strange of Blisland.

The Blisland sketches commence a two book series on the largest Strange family in America, by describing first the Stranges of Saint Peter's Parish, New Kent County, Virginia and Kentucky. The work extensively describes the colonial records of persons surnamed Strange, and explores several possibilities for trans-Atlantic connections. The story follows the movements of several major Strange lineages into Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri.

Strange of Culpeper (1725) is a fascinating lineage which descended from a family of wilderness preachers. The Culpeper family used many prenames of biblical origin, and seems to have given inception to Strange of the Big Racoon (1760). It has been postulated that the Culpeper family also came from Devon, and its eighteenth-century proximity to the Maryland family gives us further reason to believe there might have been some relationship between these two families, living as they did on opposite sides of the Potomac River. Oddly enough, the Loogootee branch migrated westward through Kentucky and Ohio, ending up in the same region of Indiana where the Maryland families eventually settled. Clearly these were quite separate families in America, but their eventual nearness in Indiana causes no small degree of frustration for the researcher. The Culpeper members were Protestant, Methodist Episcopal, and United Brethren, and they became ministers, lawyers, druggists, journalists, and postmasters. Seth Strange became an avid collector of Gold Rush memorabilia, as did his nephew and grandnephew, and when their combined collection was sold at auction in the 1970s it grossed some $75,000. Descendants of the Culpeper family might well survive today, but they are surely dispersed widely, for they are known to have moved from Virginia into Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Indiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. We believe that Strange of the Big Racoon, which included Methodist ministers and preachers, is now extinct.

For further information, please refer to the Preface to Book XI and Table of Contents from Strange of Blisland. The table of contents includes chapter titles, page numbers, dates covered, surnames, and localities.

The third edition contains about 100 more pages than the second edition; plus, because of condensing page formatting, the book contains much more data than the 100 additional pages would indicate.

Extraneus, Book XI, Strange of Blisland, by John R. Mayer, third edition, 2007
ISBN 978-1-893880-04-7, hardcover, 8-1/2" x 11"
xxvi, 818 pages including bibliographic references, illustrations, and index
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 00503649
Original Price: $70.00 plus shipping
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