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Volume III
Book X
The Alloway Strange

Third edition published May 2001
Author: John R. Mayer
Edited by: Barbara Jean Way née Mayer
       and Floy Marie Mayer née Strange

allokirk.jpg (12373 bytes)Alloway Kirk in Ayrshire, Scotland

The Alloway Strange family arose in New Kent County, Virginia at the same time the Blisland Stranges appeared, in the late seventeenth century, and has yielded two variant surnames, namely Strange and Alloway. This branch produced several men with distinguished military and government careers.

John Alloway Strange (1727-1811) of Oak Hill, Fluvanna County, Virginia, is the earliest progenitor firmly identified, and he gave rise to colonel Gideon Alloway Strange I (1793-1838) of Dog Point, who begat the Confederate hero Colonel John Bowie Strange (1823-1862). The family also produced Glen Strange (1900-1973), the Western movie stunt actor best known for his role as the bartender in Gunsmoke. Robert Strange McNamara (1916) became United States Secretary of Defense (1961-1968).

            William Strange, 1601, Orkney Islands
            Mitchell of New Kent and Goochland, 1659-1776, VA
            John Alloway Strange, Sr., 1727-1811, VA
            Abraham Alloway Strange, 1746-1815, VA
            Archelaus S. Alloway né Strange, ca 1748-1808, VA
            Abner Alloway Strange, Sr., 1761-1834, VA           
            Archelaus Alloway Strange, Sr., 1780-1852, NC
            John Walker S. Alloway, Sr., né Strange, 1781-1863, VA
            William Clayburn Alloway Strange, 1783-1841, VA
            Colonel Gideon Alloway Strange I, 1793-1838, VA
            William Alloway Strange, 1805-1846, KY
            Abraham Alloway Strange, 1808-1866, KY
            William Levi A. 'Levi' Strange, 1817-1882, KY

For further information, please see the Table of Contents, Book X, The Alloway Strange.

Extraneus, Book X, The Alloway Strange, by John R. Mayer, third edition, 2001, ISBN 978-1-893880-02-3, hardcover, 8-1/2" x 11", xxvi, 272 pages including bibliographic references, illustrations, and index, Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:  00503649

NOTE: The printed version of this book is out of print.
The .PDF file referenced below is still available.

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