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Volume III
Book IX
Strange of Balcaskie and the Clans Outlandish Strang and Stronge

Third edition published March 1999
Author: John R. Mayer
Edited by: Barbara Jean Way née Mayer
       and Floy Marie Mayer née Strange

[Product Image]Arms of Major Timothy E. Strange of Balcaskie, 1994

Genealogy of families: STRANG, STRANGE, STRONG, & STRONGE from Fifeshire, Scotland, Orkney Islands, in Lanarkshire and Ayrshire, and Ireland, western England, Canada, and America. (1325-1997)  A number of descendants of these families are traced to Ontario, Canada, Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin, among other states.

Refer to the Table of Contents for Book IX, Strange of Balcaskie, for chapter titles, page numbers, dates covered, surnames, and localities.

For further information, please refer to the Preface to the Second Edition of Extraneus .

This, the third edition, contains nine more chapters and many more pages than the second edition; plus, because of condensing page formatting, the book actually contains about 85% more data than the second edition.

Extraneus, Book IX, Strange of Balcaskie, by John R. Mayer, third edition, 1999
ISBN 978-0-9638665-7-8 hardcover, 8-1/2" x 11"
xxvi, 814 pages including bibliographic references, illustrations, and index
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:  00503649
OUT OF PRINT but a .pdf version is still available

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