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Author: John R. Mayer

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A Social and Literary Chronicle of the Families Extraneus and le Strange of Knockyn, L'Estrange and Styleman of Hunstanton, L'Estrange of Moystown, Strange of Tunbridge Wells, Strange of Devon, Strange and Alloway Strange of Virginia, Strange of Balcaskie, de Lestrange of Limousin and Saintonge, d'Estreng of Glen, Strang of New Rochelle and Rye, and Strangeways of Alne and Melberrie Sampford, 1082 to 2001, with Essays on Alienage, Lineage, and Peregrinity in the Western World.

The first edition of Extraneus, which is out of print, was originally published in 1986 as one volume of xviii + 777 pages.  As more and more data was collected, Extraneus was divided into separate books.   The Extraneus series now consists of twelve books contained within four volumes, plus a fifth volume which contains other related documents.  Those twelve books now total approximately 5,000 pages.   Some of the data from the fifth volume is contained here on this web site.  The rest of the fifth volume will probably not be re-published.  For further information regarding the organization of Extraneus, please refer to the Preface to the Second Edition of Extraneus.


Volume I-A Le Strange of Britain and Aquitaine 2nd ed. 2010 $45.00
  Volume I-A contains the two following books:  
Book I Le Strange of Middle Britain
Book II De Lestrange of Aquitaine
Volume I-B Strange of Wessex and the Saxon Shore Unpublished
  Volume I-B contains the two following books:  
Book III Strange Sanguinary
Book IV Strange of Wessex and the Saxon Shore
Volume I-C Book V Strange of Eastern America 3rd ed. 2000 $41.00
Volume II Le Strange of Anglia and Eire (England and Ireland) 2nd ed. 2002 $38.00
  Volume II contains all three of the following books:  
Book VI Le Strange of Hunstanton
Book VII L'Estrange and Syleman of Hunstanton
Book VIII L'Estrange of Moystown
Volume III Strange of Balcaskie and the Alloway Strange (Strange, Alloway Strange, Strang, Strong(e) from Scotland and America)
  Book IX Strange of Balcaskie and the Clans Outlandish Strang and Stronge 3rd ed. 1999 $53.00
Book X The Alloway Strange 3rd ed. 2001 N/A
Volume IV Strange Virginians Peregrine (Anglo American Stranges)
  Book XI Strange of Blisland 3rd ed. 2007 $53.00
Book XII Strange of the Carolinas 3rd ed. 1999 $49.00
Volume V Strange Compendia: Chronologies, Geographies, Prosopographies, Indices Unpublished

Other Books by John R. Mayer :

In addition to the Extraneus series, John R. Mayer also wrote three other reference books:
The Alphabetary Heraldic A genealogical glossary published on Arapacana Press web site
The Calendary Strange A collection of calendars and tables Unpublished
The Art of Love A historical examination and discussion of affinity and kinship in different cultures Unpublished

Book by Barbara J. Way:

Descendants of Gottlieb Wruck, including Related Families of Wiese, Pobanz, Flanagan, &   Donnelly

published 1999


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